Sunday, February 7, 2010

All Hail The Saints

I didn't think the New Orleans Saints deserved to be in the Super Bowl after they were outplayed by the Vikings. I didn't think the New Orleans Saints would beat the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl 44. However, the New Orleans Saints are the NFL's best beating the Colts 31-17 in the big game.
The biggest play of this game was without a doubt the 2nd half kickoff. The Saints reached into their bag of tricks and pulled off the short kick. From there on in, it was all New Orleans. The Saints had a chance to take the lead at the half only to be denied on a 4th and goal gamble at the Indy 1. I thought it was over right there as Indy had controlled the game, but New Orleans came up big on the short kick and it was all New Orleans from there. When Tracy Porter intercepted Peyton Manning and took it back for a pick six, it was time to get out onto Bourbon Street and celebrate.
The only thing that bothered me about the Saints winning was owner Tom Benson. This guy was ready to move the team to San Antonio permanently after Hurricane Katrina. He wanted to get that team out of New Orleans, yet he sat there Sunday night and declared how this win was for the people. Sorry Tom, I'm not buying that.
Did you get a chance to watch the American ads? I did and my favourite one was the one involving Betty White and tell me you didn't laugh when you saw the David Letterman ad with Jay Leno and Oprah. There were a couple too like the Dove for Men ad that just made me go BOOOOOOO!!!!
The Super Bowl was not the best sporting event on Sunday. The honor there goes to the Penguins and Capitals. Sid vs Ovechkin was everything that was advertised. Gary Bettman must have loved it. It was one of the best hockey games I have seen in years with Washington eventually winning 5-4 in overtime. Sid was great, Alex was great, there was everything you would want in a hockey game in this one. Mike Emrick made the comparison that this is better than the Larry Bird-Magic Johnson rivalry in its heyday. I tend to agree because Bird and Johnson only met one another twice in the regular season and that doesn't happen here. Yes, the Stanley Cup will never feature these two against one another unless one moves to the Western Conference, but if they meet in the playoffs again and its a game like yesterday, it means nothing but great news for the NHL.
Jenny didn't let me down. Jennifer Jones wins the Scotties for a 3rd straight year beating Prince Edward Island in an extra end. Jones wins, but Erin Carmody is the story of this year's event. The 21 year old girl who threw fourth stones for the Islanders had a great week that ended one game short. She is the future of Canadian womens curling. As for Jones, she now has to sit right there with Colleen Jones and Sandra Schmirler as the best ever womens curling foursome this country has seen. The honor still goes to Sandra as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I'm biased when I make that statement, but there will never, ever be another foursome like Sandra, Jan, Joan and Marcia. One can only wonder what they could have done had it not been for the cancer that took Sandra away from us way too soon.
Paul LaPolice wants to bring some Rider coaches with him to Winnipeg. The team has asked for permission for Kavis Reed to be interviewed. LaPolice would like him to be defensive co-ordinator. Rider fans it would seem would welcome Reed's departure as he is taking a lot of blame for that 13th man penalty. Be careful what you wish for! Meanwhile, the Argos according to Sportsnet are ready to name Jim Barker as head coach. Really?
As you go into your Monday, remember this....

Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.


Anonymous said...

Your football knowledge shines brightly again. You were right when you said it would be a 10plus point win, but for the wrong team. No one talked about NO all week and they shut everyone up.

Anonymous said...

Drew Brees beat three Hall of Fame quarterbacks to win the Super Bowl! Will he be considered as one of the greatest ever now? He should be!

Jim Barker? Bob Barker would be a better selection.

Have a good Monday Mitch!


Anonymous said...

We can't see Crosby vs Ovechkin in the SC final, but we can enjoy them in three weeks in the Olympic gold medal game.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the halftime show? I thought it was terrible. Nothing compares to Springsteen last year though.


Anonymous said...

The best commercial was the one where Jim Nantz gives the injury report on the guy who is basically being led around by his woman. I love the line "He has had his spine ripped out rendering him incapable of watching the game."

Too funny, yet so true in some cases!


Anonymous said...

The groundhog that ends up being Polamulu got the biggest laugh at our table.


Anonymous said...

If LaPo wants to take Kavis Reed with him, I say "Goodbye!". If it wasn't for Armstead, he would have been punted at mid-season! He's terrible!