Thursday, February 4, 2010

Riders Need New O-C

Paul Lapolice is now the head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Ed Tait from the Winnipeg Free Press has the story.


Anonymous said...


Could this be a worse week for the riders... They loose their offensive co-ordinator and stevie bags.
The D-Line now has a huge whole and the offense... Wow
Mitchell Who does this leave to direct the Riders and continue the offensive growth...
This has not been a great off season


Anonymous said...

This could be the biggest off-season loss of the year. Who replaces him as OC. Marcus Crandell? I don't like this one bit.


Anonymous said...

Before the Rider Nations jumps of the cliff like lemmings, let's remind ourselves of other "devastating" losses that were touted as signalling the end of the Riders:

Kent Austin (as player and coach), Ritchie Hall, Anton Mckenzie, Mo Lloyd, Nate Davis, Kitwana Jones, Fred Perry, Roy Shivers, Dave Ridgeway, Ray Elgaard....

We will endure.

Anonymous said...

Great post Weaver. The sky is falling attitude permeates around Rider Nation every off-season. It hasn't been that bad the last couple of years. It might be bad this year, but lets see how things play themselves out.

When you are successful, other teams pick away at what you have. I would much rather have this than no one taking our guys. It sucks to be on top sometimes! HA HA