Sunday, May 10, 2015

Something To "Mitch" About

We are another week closer to the start of a new CFL season my friends, and we are also closer to crowning a new Stanley Cup champion.  As the NHL gets to its final four, the World Hockey Championships continue in Prague. This is just a pipe-dream, but it is something I have often thought about. Why couldn't Saskatchewan make a bid for the World Hockey Championships? The facilities are there and if it could be done with the World Juniors, why couldn't it be done for the Worlds? I think it would be a huge success. The only problem I see is rink availability and the Pats with the progress they have shown could throw a big monkey-wrench into the plans.  I realize there are a lot of factors that go into play and dollars are likely the biggest one, but if a business plan was drawn up correctly, I don't see why it couldn't happen. Alas it is likely a pipe-dream.

What might have been a pipe-dream to the people of Fort MacMurray, Alberta isn't anymore. This is a picture of the complex known as Shell Place where the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimos will play their pre-season game next month.

 What a gorgeous facility!! It makes me want to see if I can tag along with Rod and Carm for the first broadcast of the year on the Rider Radio Network.( I forget what they take in their coffees that I'd be buying).  I've only been to Fort MacMurray once and that was a long, long, long time ago.  The only thing negative about this is the location. Fort McMurray is in the middle of nowhere, but it is great they have partnered with the Eskimos on this game and their season opener against the Argos.  If a place like this was built in Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat or Lloydminster, I think the CFL would have a tremendous opportunity sitting in front of them but in a place like Fort McMurray it is tough.  While I am sure it would ruffle the feathers of those at Regina Minor Football who have done such a great job with Leibel Field turning it into a first-class venue, can you imagine what it would be like if you could put a baseball diamond alongside it for Red Sox games?  If you had that, Leibel and Douglas Park in one area, it would be tremendous. Alas, that's most likely another pipe-dream

The CFL and SHAW communications have partnered up on some ventures with SHAW being the title sponsor of the 103rd Grey Cup. I can't help but wonder if this is good for the CIS and the Northern 8/10 proposal being tossed about.  SHAW does Canada West football and I would think the CFL would like to promote the Canadian college game. It makes me wonder if something more could come from this.

Speaking of CIS football, I just want to make sure I have this straight. We have 5 TSN channels, we have 4 Sportsnet channels along with Sportsnet One and Sportsnet 360 and we have CBC that still covers sports. 12 channels in this country devoted to sport and not one...not one single channel could provide us with TV coverage of the CIS East-West game! That is completely unacceptable!  Is TSN telling us MLS soccer is more important than CIS football? Is Premier League soccer more important? Its a crock that we have all these "sports" channels on and Canadian university football or sports in general can't get the coverage it deserves. I would love to hear a reasoning for that from the head honchos at both Bell and Rogers! 

The University of Regina men's basketball team has gotten a verbal committment from Rawane Ndiaye to play for them in the second half of the Canada West season next year. How do you pronounce his last name? His nickname is Pops and if you are the public address announcer (as I am), he could be referred to as Pops several times! This guy played at Tennessee so he must know what he is doing. Its a big coup for Steve Burrows and makes what is already a talented team going into next year even better.  Here's hoping his next recruit is someone who has the last name of Smith!! Yes, somewhere womens coach Dave Taylor chuckles having given me the names of Zalesiak and Gujit to butcher over the past couple of years.  Polischuk, Crone and Kajati are much easier.

Todd Nelson will not be the coach of the Edmonton Oilers, but he does deserve to be offered an assistant's job with the team after the job he did following the firing of Dallas Eakins. He actually got Nail Yakupov to find himself and that relationship could be key in the future. I still think the job is going to Todd McLellan and I will be surprised, but happy if Mike Babcock ends up being the guy.

It would appear as if the Kelowna Rockets have the WHL final well under control as they took the first two games in Brandon on the weekend. I am guessing there are many around these parts who are A) smiling and B) wondering why a Kelowna player hasn't been suspended to help the Wheat Kings efforts somewhat.  #notbitter #kellysrules
TSN's Bob McKenzie has over one million followers. Looks like Pedersen has some work to do! On a side note, I can't believe I have 3-thousand followers. If you're not following and want to, all you have to do is go to @scruffyregina.

The Anaheim-Chicago Western Conference final should be an unbelievable series. However, I think I speak for many when I say we have seen enough of this guy.

I'm not sure, but his son may be the Trivago guy!

Thank you to the Flames for getting rid of Vancouver and thank you to Anaheim for getting rid of the Flames! People that ask me how I can hate the "hard-working" Flames simply need a refresher course on my NHL team of choice. Its pretty simple when you think about it. Besides, I'd rather cheer for the Jets than the Flames.

Methinks the Capitals will know exactly how the Penguins felt last year after Round 2.

That laryngitis that Habs fans have had seems to have been cured for the moment.
The Tampa Bay Lightning are a very solid team, but one has to wonder how good would they be behind the blueline if on draft day in 2013, they took Seth Jones at number 3 instead of Jonathan Drouin. Drouin can't be labelled a bust yet, but Jones has shown he's what everyone thought he would be. Adding the likes of him to Hedman, Stralman and Garrison would take them to the next level.

Speaking of the Lightning, they need to find a defenceman with the last name of Wayne and put him alongside Andrej Sustr on the blueline! Think about it or ask your Dad because you may be too young to understand. Somewhere I know Rob Vanstone chuckles at this.

Is it safe to say the Toronto Blue Jays simply stole Devon Travis from the Detroit Tigers? Anthony Gose for Devon Travis? What a great trade by Alex Anthopoulos! If he could just find some pitchers now. Yes, let us remember he traded Michael Saunders for J-A Happ which he really didn't need to do IMO.

The University of North Dakota had to abandon its Fighting Sioux nickname a few years ago and they have been a team without a nickname since. That will change though as a list is now out with possible names. The list has over 11-hundred suggestions, but for some reason the same name is listed many times. Here it is if you care. What do you like? I have a hankering for "Blizzard" and "Arctic Cats", but the latter might mean their mascot is a giant snowmobile. Considering they had to give up Fighting Sioux, I'd love to see them go with Blackhawks and keep the logo. One name that can't be considered is the Flickertails! Nothing raises fear then being named the Flickertails!

Here's a picture of Addison Richards hauling in a pass at the New York Giants rookie mini-camp on the weekend.

Its going to be a big week for this kid. It would have been unreal if the Giants asked him to stick around and he was catching passes from Eli Manning or running routes alongside Odell Beckham Junior and Victor Cruz in the upcoming months. He will be a high draft pick in Tuesday's CFL draft,  and realistically. I think he goes high in the 2nd round to a team that will be very glad to have him. I just hope its not Calgary! Should I add Winnipeg to that list too? As I've said earlier, I have a hunch the Riders make a move to grab him early in the 2nd round. We will see.  I have seen three mock drafts and they look quite different from one another with the Riders taking DL Daryl Waud in one with their first selection with LB's Byron Archambault and WR Lemar Durant being the picks in the other two.

Still from the Giants mini-camp, here is a picture of Weyburn product Brett Jones who is hoping to catch on with Tom Coughlin's squad this season.

Brett looks much better in Giants blue than Stampeders red. I think many of you would agree.

There was a NASCAR race on Saturday called the "SpongeBob Square Pants 400". Add this to the many reasons I do not watch nor do I care about NASCAR.  CMON!!! Its obvious NASCAR will align themselves with anything and not care what it looks like if the money is there. Is the Dora the Explorer 500 next weekend. When is the "Oprah 400"?

What was more exciting for Rickie Fowler? Was it winning the Players Championship in fantastic fashion after being called over-rated by some of his fellow mates on the Tour or was it the post-win celebration!! 

That final round of the Players Championship might have been one of the best Sundays the golf world has seen in quite a while. The last 90 minutes was compelling theatre at its best. By the way, I think its good to be Rickie Fowler right now!! 

I hope everyone who could had the chance to remember or do something with Mom on Mothers Day. Many of us owe Moms a great deal for the way they have shaped us in a variety of ways. If you had the chance to spoil her for a day, I hope you did.

Have a great week everyone! 


Anonymous said...

If the oil situation doesn't improve, that facility might be weeds and tall grass in 5 years time. It does look nice though.

Will that game be on TSN?

I think you're right on the Riders and Richards. He would be a perfect replacement for Getzlaf who might have one year left in that body.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I would rather cheer for anyone except Calgary. That means hockey and football!

Good read Scruff!!

Anonymous said...

The Worlds? Did you spend all weekend with a bottle attached to your hand? Cmon Scruff! There is no way an event of that magnitude will come here!


Anonymous said...

The Flames are out and Brandon is on their way to being out. A good weekend on the ice!

Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say young Mr. Fowler had the flatstick working last night.


Anonymous said...

If there was a CFL expansion team put in Ft MacMurray, would it be call the the Ft. MacMurray Tar Heels?

75flyersbestteamever said...

I understand ill will to "The Big C" (as David Schultz used to call it on Stampede Wrasslin') regarding CFL, but I offer you this on the "Never Quit" Flames...
...Flamses success in year 2 of the rebuild should positively light the fire under the butts of other GM's who have connned, tricked and otherwise fooled their fan base that rebuilds take 5 years--
--if The Big C can get back to respectability that fast, then other teams maybe can buy 2-3 years from dumpster fire to respectability,
...there likely won't be dynasty teams anymore with Salary Cap and other developments so why are teams selling the dream that if they stink for 5 years they will be one.
..Calgary abuzz with pride for these guys and they only made the 2nd round...other non playoff teams (team name rhymes with Schmoilers + Schmaple Leafs) should realize that teams like these are all the fans need...bonus if they get lucky and get rolling in playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Remember when everyone was talking about the young Colorado Avalanche and how they were going to be a team to be reckoned with. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Calgary Flames. That team won't make the playoffs next year with what they have. They need a goalie and more than three players who can score.

Wait and see!


Anonymous said...

LOL at Al's statement.

What a smokeshow she was!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Ducks fan and I'm sick of that guy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eff anything Calgary !

Anonymous said...

Gee Scruffy, you didn't tell us how great you are and drop several names the way someone else you know does.


Anonymous said...

If Regina and Stoon could host a World Juniors, I don't see why we couldn't host a Worlds. It wouldn't interfere with any SC playoff games and I am sure Mosaic Place and perhaps the Gallagher Centre might want to get involved.


Anonymous said...

Brett Jones would look a lot better in Rider green than Giants blue or Stampeder red.

Another Taman mistake!

Anonymous said...

Scruffy don't play da name game.
That's why I switched.