Sunday, November 24, 2019

Grey Cup Notes

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  • This is the 11th time Winnipeg and Hamilton have faced one another for the Grey Cup.  Winnipeg leads 6-4. The last time they met for the Cup was 1984
  • Despite the fact they are the home team today, Winnipeg will wear their road whites seeing it worked in the WSF and WF
  • Hamilton is the only team Winnipeg did not beat this season. 
  • A Hamilton win would tie Winnipeg for most Grey Cup losses with 15----the other team to have lost 15 GC's would be Saskatchewan
  • This is the first time since 1980 that both teams enter the games with players at quarterback that were not their starter when the season started.
  • Five of the last six teams to win 15 games in the regular season have gone on to win the Grey Cup
  • This is the 4th straight GC for Hamilton DL Ja'gared Davis.  He played in the last three for Calgary
  • The last time the Grey Cup was in Calgary was 2009.  If you need to remember what happened that night, go do a Google search or something
  • Hamilton  led the league in points scored per game at 30.2, Winnipeg was 2nd at 28.2
  • Winnipeg led the league in rushing yards per game at 148, Hamilton led the league in passing yards per game at 313
  • Winnipeg is the first 3rd place team to play in the Grey Cup since 2005 when Edmonton did it. 
  •  Previous Grey Cup Experience: Of the 48 projected starters ... Winnipeg has 5 and Hamilton has 12 players. 


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of either team, but after seeing Banks spout off on Twitter, I hope Bighill just crushes him at a key time and Winnipeg wins.

What a douchebag!

Anonymous said...

Harris stuffs it in everyone's face after what he went through this season and Winnipeg wins in a walk

Anonymous said...

I might watch it, but doubt it. Can't wait until Grey Cup Saskatchewan next year.