Wednesday, November 6, 2019

One and Done For Claybrooks In BC

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The BC Lions Football Club today announced that DeVone Claybrooks has been relieved of his head coaching duties.
“This has been a challenging season,” said GM Ed Hervey. “We did not meet the expectations we set for ourselves in 2019 and more importantly, we did not meet the expectations of our season ticket holders, fans and partners.”

“We thank DeVone for his time and dedication while also wishing him the very best in the future,” added Hervey. “This decision was difficult, but we will continue to do everything possible to reach and exceed the standards we have committed to within our organization.”

(BC Lions) 


Anonymous said...

BC is such as ClusterF### organization , just like Montreal was with Kavis Reed. Watch the league have to take over BC soon and. Let BC and Montreal fold already

Anonymous said...

If BC and Montreal fold, there's no league genius.

Anonymous said...

In way over his head