Friday, November 1, 2019

This and That

Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order

--It's never easy is it.  One thought until Thursday afternoon when Cody Fajardo's status for the Riders-Eskimos game tomorrow that a win was basically a guarantee over the Eskimos and that Rider Nation could book plans to be at Mosaic November 17 for the West Final.  Not so fast.   The confidence meter took a huge dive when word came down that Fajardo hurt his back Wednesday and was questionable for the game.   Riders head coach Craig Dickenson says he is confident in either Isaac Harker or Bryan Bennett.  What else is he going to say?  Not having your quarterback at 100 percent in a game you need to win is not a good sign.   Hopefully Fajardo can play and the team can build a big enough lead that they can yank him midway through the third quarter or in the fourth.  It's just never easy around here. 

--Fajardo has a great chance to be the West's Most Outstanding Player.  I think his toughest competition is BC's Bryan Burnham, but can you give Burnham the nod when his team isn't in the playoffs.  It's a question that is always debated.  My vote if I had one would go to Cody. 

At what point do you think Fajardo asks himself if he is dreaming?  What was he thinking at training camp when he was taking backup reps behind Zach Collaros.  You know damn well he wasn't thinking in just a few months he will be the biggest thing in Saskatchewan leading the first place Riders into the playoffs with many thinking they could be at and win the Grey Cup.  

--I can't help but wonder where the Riders record would be if Zach Collaros doesn't get hurt.  Do you think they are playing to clinch first this weekend? 

--Those in Winnipeg voting for Bomber year-end awards knew they were in a predicament the day Andrew Harris was suspended two games for violating the CFL's drug policy.  There was no way they could reward a "cheater" by naming him as the team's top Canadian and most outstanding player even though he deserves to.  They didn't. 

Some are upset that Harris was snubbed but why?  Cheaters should not be allowed to benefit and it would be a huge black mark on the CFL if Harris won a major award which he likely would have. Who's kidding who, he may have won both.   Ted Wyman of the Winnipeg Sun had a great article on the whole affair and why he didn't vote for Harris.  I can't disagree. 

-The U of R Rams aren't in the Canada West playoffs, yet back-to-back wins over playoff teams in Alberta and Manitoba got them into a top 10 position at the end of the regular season as they finished 10th.  With all the young talent they have, expect a top 10 position AND a playoff spot next season and for many seasons after that. 

--Week 9 NFL Lock Of The Week -- Texans over Jaguars
   Week 9 NFL Upset Of The Week -- Dolphins over Jets 

--Is it safe to say the days off in the World Series killed momentum?  Washington wins the first two, before a day off and sees Houston win the next three.  Another day off and the momentum Houston had was gone.  What a weird World Series.  Why didn't Astros manager AJ Hinch replace a still effective Zack Greinke with Garret Cole in the 7th?  Doing that might have won Houston the title.  Oh well! 

--The WCBL certainly took a blow this week with both Yorkton and Melville taking a one-year leave of absence.  I have to wonder if we have seen the last of either.  There is supposedly talk of the two teams becoming one in 2021.  The baseball is great, but its obvious it wasn't working in those two centres for a variety of reasons. 

--Have you been on the bypass yet? If so, how is it? 

--On November 1, the Edmonton Oilers are the top team in the NHL's Western Conference.  How strange does that sound!

--Back to work at the CKHS tonight..  The Canada West basketball season begins with the Cougars home to UBC.  Dave Taylor's women's team took a big hit in the off-season, but his program is consistently right there and the men's program is rapidly improving so it will be great to see what Steve Burrows' squad has in store.  Another solid winter of university hoops begins! 

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

Go Oilers Go !!!

Anonymous said...

Both the Cardinals and Melville have major money problems and no one willing to help out or come to games.

I'll be surprised if either returns.

Anonymous said...

Cody is one tough hombre. He'll be out there! #fingerscrossed

Anonymous said...

Those thinking Harris should have been nominated likely think OJ was innocent too.

He did the crime. He now pays for it.


Anonymous said...

Re Harris; It took Lance Armstrong many, many years to fess up.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling this season is getting flushed away!