Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Have No Problems With Olympic Coverage

I've read a lot of columns since the Olympics started and a lot of them have expressed a lot of negativity over CTV's coverage of what is going on in Vancouver. I'm at a loss for words as to why this is.
I think the coverage that has blanketed CTV, TSN and Sportsnet has been outstanding. The hosts are doing a great job, those on duties at their respective sports are fine and the background stories have been alright as well.
I'm not sure what the people who are writing the negativity are looking for. Yes, they can get on Brian Williams' case for accidentally saying you are watching the Winter Olympics on CBC. Hey, he joked about it after and can you blame him after covering the Olympics for years on CBC!
I think "the consortium" has done a tremendous job on what we have seen over the last few days. The goal was to show you just about everything and they have succeeded. If you don't like what you are watching on TSN, go to CTV or Sportsnet because they will likely have something you want to watch. Wednesday night, Williams told everyone you can keep it right here and watch the gold medal ceremony involving Maella Ricker or you can go to Sportsnet to watch the 500 metre short-track speedskating race in which two Canadians were in the final. All three networks are telling you what is on every network. I wouldn't give the consortium an A plus for their work, but I would give them a definite B plus.
As for NBC, I haven't watched a lot of their coverage so I can't give them a grade. However, NBC's decision to not show Canada-US mens hockey live on Sunday instead having ice dancing on is a head-scratcher. Its even moreso when you consider NBC is the US network home to the NHL. Gary Bettman can't be happy with that. Then again, if they take the violence out of the game that they want, will hockey fans be able to decipher if they are watching hockey or ice dancing in the future?
Do you care what Tiger has to say on Friday? He'll say he's sorry we all know about that. I think what I and many others want to know is whether or not he will be at Augusta this year. When he does come back, do you think he will be the same. He could rehab from injury and not let the skeletons out of his closet, but now that his dirty laundry has been aired, will it have any effect on him out on the golf course. You know there will be some yahoos ready to let him have it when he is out there.
Does Jermaine Copeland finally become "the guy" in Toronto? I think he was the number 2 option behind Ben Cahoon in Montreal and while he had a great season with Calgary last year, I didn't think he was the number 1 guy with Nik Lewis getting that honor.
That's all I got. As you go into your Friday, ask yourself this....

Why doesn't pizza come in a circular box?


Anonymous said...

Ice dancing will kill hockey in the US ratings. That is why.

Anonymous said...

CTV is doing a better job than NBC in my mind. Yes, NBC isn't going 24 hours a day, but CTV has done a great job of bringing us the action and giving us a slice of life in Vancouver and Whistler. Makes me want to be there just to walk around.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

If ice dancing is going to kill hockey in the ratings, that should really send a message to Mr. Bettman. Try and try as he might, he has to realize his American dream will never happen. This is why franchises in the deep south must start moving north.


Anonymous said...

Good point on fans rxn to Tiger when he comes back. You know there will be people in the gallery trying to get under his skin. How will he handle that? I also think its a little ignorant of Tiger to be doing this at the same time as a tournament is going on. He needs to be away from the course when he has this address. I guess he still has some bravado.

patsprincess said...

I personally have had no problems with the CTV coverage of the Olympics. I have yet to find a time where there wasn't something on that I find enjoyable to watch. Sometimes I'm doing my best to watch two networks at once just because I find both really interesting. Between CTV, TSN, Sportnet, and the rest, I have had no problems, and if all else fails, I watch NBC, who haven't been doing a shabby job either. I have heard from some people, however, that CTV is lossing money on the games. Has anyone else heard this? I find that hard to believe, actually, considering they have a commercial every seven minutes it seems. I guess that would be my only complaint, but I expected it since the Olympics are a big deal.
As for NBC covering ice dance, I say good on them for broadcasting a less popular sport. It always helps to grow sports like that. Having said that, it really is too bad that they aren't broadcasting the US-Canada game. I would think that the Americans should be more hyped up about hockey considering that they won the World Juniors in a rather exciting fashion. Oh well. Their loss.

Anonymous said...


It's Thursday. Don't go getting ahead of yourself.


Anonymous said...

I don't see the afternoon stuff, but Onrait just kills me in the morning. The Canada AM people must be wondering if this guy is drunk. He might be!


Mike from Vita, MB said...


The deep thoughts are a blast. There will always be chronic complainers, so let them do their thing. Olympic coverage has been very good. Would be nice though if the medal standings would be stated at the top of the hour, especially for us who can't watch throughout the day.

Interesting call by Miller to hire Daley and Berry. Shall be interesting to see how they all work together.