Sunday, September 30, 2018

What Did You Miss Saturday?

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 --Canadian University football has a new all-time passing leader and his name is Noah Picton.  The Rams quarterback broke the record in dramatic fashion as he hit Kyle Borsa with a 35 yard touchdown pass in overtime.  The Rams won the game over Manitoba 32-31 when linebacker Cole Benkic swatted away a potential game-winning two point convert at the line of scrimmage.  Regina is now 3-2 on the season.

--The Winnipeg Blue Bombers forced seven turnovers as they walked into Commonwealth Stadium and shocked the Eskimos 30-3.  Both teams are 7-7. In the other game Saturday, Hamilton blasted BC 40-10 as Jeremiah Masoli threw three first half TD passes.  BC is now 6-7 while Hamilton is 7-7

--Game 162 in the majors will have some meaning for four teams.  Going into the last day of baseball's regular season, the NL Central and NL West are up for grabs.  Milwaukee and the Chicago Cubs are tied for the lead in the Central with both teams at home on Sunday while Colorado and the LA Dodgers are tied for first in the West with the Rockies home on the season's last day and the Dodgers on the road.

--Team USA have been set the task of having to equal Ryder Cup history if they’re to retain the trophy on Sunday.Only nine teams in the 41 past editions of the biennial event have come from behind on the final day to win or draw the contest, with just one this century producing a winning Sunday comeback. Jim Furyk's side trail 10-6 heading into the Sunday singles in France, leaving an uphill battle to register their first Ryder Cup victory on foreign soil since 1993.

--It appears as though Sidney Crosby won't be getting a street named after him in his home province of Nova Scotia anytime soon. The city of Halifax had discussed renaming Dartmouth's Forest Hills Parkway to Sidney Crosby Parkway, but the staff is now advising against it. Crosby does not yet meet the existing criteria for commemorative naming because he's not retired, according to the Canadian Press' Alex Cooke.  A report states that while staff acknowledges "the broad range of positive impacts that Sidney Crosby's athletic achievements have on the local community," renaming the street after him would conflict with municipal policies


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Noah!

Anonymous said...

Scruff, do you know who it was who called the Rams game on SKTel Max? I have never heard more boredom from two people in my life. Maybe SKTel Max should have you and Addison do games.

Anonymous said...

The Bombers seemingly have awakened!


Anonymous said...

First time in a decade, I totally forgot the Rider Game on Sunday. Don't ever schedule CFL games against NFL in future please CFL.