Monday, June 15, 2009

Balsillie Bounced Again------For Now

Donald Trump owns RAW!!!! Where did that come from!!! Maybe Jim Balsillie should have put in a bid because it would be easier to get a piece of World Wrestling Entertainment than an NHL club. A bankruptcy judge rules against Balsillie and his bid to move the Coyotes to Hamilton much to the pleasure of NHL commish Gary Bettman. If Bettman thinks he has heard the last of Balsillie, he is wrong, dead wrong. This guy is not going to give up until he gets his team and he will do whatever it takes as we have seen to get one. You have to like the moxie of this guy. In fact, he's not conceding defeat in this battle. This story is far from being done.
Another story that is sadly far from being done is the Brett Favre saga. Another couple of flecks of food were thrown into the fishtank with this story on Monday night as the quarterback was the first guest on HBO's Joe Buck Live. (If HBO can have a Joe Buck live, then why can't Access or Sasktel Max have a Mitchell Blair Live.....oh yeah, Joe has some talent that's why!!!!! OK, then they should have Rob Vanstone Live!!!!! Just think about that for a second.........

Anyways, Favre told Buck he is waiting to see how his surgically repaired arm is before he makes a final decision. If he does come back, the only team he will play for is the Vikings. Is he that determined to go back into Lambeau Field wearing another team's uniform??? Is he so sure he will rub it in the face of the Packers??? If Brett goes into Lambeau and gets it rubbed in his face, it will just make him look stupid. Of course, he is doing that already. RETIRE ALREADY!!!!!!
How about this bombshell from the Globe's Stephen Brunt regarding Lions owner David Braley and some of his "secret" dealings......
I wonder what Commissioner Cohon is thinking when he reads this story.
The Confederations Cup soccer tournament is going on in South Africa. CBC is showing some of the games, but the ones that are live are on BOLD. That's the old Country Canada. Its a channel I can't get on my package. It just begs the question----what is CBC doing?? Why bid for these events if they are going to put them on a channel that most people don't have. Watching Italy play the U-S would have been alright and with some of the top nations taking part, there will be some good games that myself and other soccer fans are missing out on. CBC has the rights for the next World Cup...does this mean I'll need BOLD to watch. It just makes me hop on board that endless crusade the aforementioned Mr. Vanstone has to bring ESPN to Canada.
Did the NHL get what it was hoping for Friday night in Game 7 between Pittsburgh and Detroit. The answer would apparently be yes. The league says the game on NBC was the most watched hockey game in the US in 36 years. Between Versus and NBC, an average of 5.6 million watched the finals. That has to be encouraging. In Canada, just over 3 and a half million caught Game 7 which was above the average of 2.15 million which is down seven percent from the year before.
I started by mentioning Monday Night Raw, so I will finish with another tidbit from the weekly wrasslin' show. Did anyone notice when watching last night(and I know some of you do) that they advertised the August performances in Regina and Saskatoon along with Medicine Hat, Alberta and Red Deer, British Columbia. Have I missed something since leaving CJME??? Is there a piece of land between Calgary and Edmonton now belonging to BC??? That does nothing but insure your credibility. NICE!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Braley situation is much a do about nothing. Yes the "optics" look suspect, but at the end of the day Braley makes moves that are best for the CFL. He brought those 2 into the league to stabalize a floundering franchise. They hired an outstanding CEO, Football Operations staff, and Coaching staff. The result was the 2004 Grey Cup. Braley also brought Bob Young into the fold, and although the on field success hasn't happened it's not for a matter of trying. I think they finally have the right combination. Regarding the B.C Lions, without him that team folds. Now it's spoken of annually whether he'll sell it. He's proven he can make a CFL team a viable financially successful entity. It starts with Solid Ownership that has the financing and vision. Then you hire the appropriate CEO who brings in the proper Football staff. The Riders have followed that model. 8 strong franchises in this league because of David Braley's influence. If there was anything untoward about throwing games or dumping players does anybody think Pinball Clemons or Adam Rita would stick around? Stephen Brunt is a notorious "Hater" of the CFL. He also hates the NHL, and will look for any opportunity to slam those leagues. I remember he was going on about the lack of scoring in the NHL, but in the next segment of his show talked about how much he loves Premier League soccer....go figure.


Portuguese Sensation said...

Thankfully I have CBC Bold - granted I don't know why I have it nor do I remember which package it's a part of - but I'm glad it's there cuz I was able to watch Italy x USA with John Helm doin the play x play. (If I didn't have Bold, I do have TLN which broadcasts the Italian Feed so I would have watched that).

Anyways - you're right in the fear over CBC's broadcast of the 2010 World Cup. Which is why I'm convinced they will strike a deal with either Sportsnet or TSN to share games (similar to what Sportsnet and TSN did with Euro 2008).

CBC would get the best games and the Semi Final / Final, while the other network would get the rest plus be able to air the SF and Final on a tape-delay basis.

If the CBC doesn't do that and forces people to get Bold... watch the backlash unfold. Don't piss soccer fans off during the World Cup - if you thought Curling fans got angry when the Brier was on Country Canada, just wait till next year if the CBC isn't careful.