Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some Monday Golf

Well, Mother Nature completely ruined Father's Day for many by giving us a crappy forecast. I guess the farming community wouldn't say it was a crappy forecast, but for those wanting to get outside it wasn't really the greatest day.
Of course that meant you could have spent the afternoon watching the 3rd round of the US Open and watching Mike Weir once again gag his way out of contention. Weir is one of those guys that just gets under my skin because he could be one of the top players on the Tour if it wasn't for the fact that he just can't keep his head in it for 72 holes. I don't know if its a mental or physical problem with Weir, but how many times has he been right there after 36 holes only to screw it up.
At one point in Round 3, it looked like Ricky Barnes, Lucas Glover and Weir were going to run away from the field, but then the old Weir returned as he bogeyed four of five holes and basically took himself out of it. He sits six strokes back of Glover and Barnes when play continues with all three still early in their final round.
I think when all is said and done, Phil Mickleson is going to find some way to win this thing and David Duval will be there right to the end and Weir will finish the tournament at about two or three over par thus disappointing Canadian golf fans yet again.
No real Rider news coming on Sunday. The team will hold a short rundown tomorrow before getting ready for Tuesday's game against Calgary. I'm not saying this will give us a better idea as to what the 2009 Riders are going to look like coming out of the gate, but expect the veteran players to play a lot more than what they did in Edmonton with guys on the bubble having one last chance to show the coaching staff why they should stick. Coach Miller was asked Saturday if the decision on who to keep and who goes got easier or harder after the Eskimo game. He said guys have separated themselves in both directions. I'm sure it won't be easy for the coaching staff at several positions. In fact, I'm thinking there will be a handful of players who for one reason or another won't find a spot here, but will resurface with another team. That should tell you something about the talent that was brought in over the off-season.
Brent Sutter is going to coach the Calgary Flames. What a shocker!!! This Oiler fan will admit this is a great move by the Flames. Just as long as the move doesn't bring them you know what.
Nickelback took home three awards at the MuchMusic Video Awards last night. I only mention the MMVA's because last year when they were on, I was in Toronto. I tried to get to the MuchMusic studios on Saturday to get some merchandise for my oldest daughter, but I could only get so far because of rehearsals and stage construction. I was going to walk over on Sunday and see what I could see, but a tremendous rainstorm hit downtown Toronto and I wasn't going to get wet. I watched their soggy red carpet special from my hotel room at the Royal York Hotel and then ventured out once the weather improved. If you know Toronto, you know the Royal York isn't that far from the Muchmusic studios so you could hear a lot of the show. What made it funny was on the Saturday night(Sunday morning), I returned to the hotel and there was a lot of commotion at the front desk. I looked around wondering what was going on when I saw a guy with an NKOTB lanyard go by me. I asked one of the hotel workers who was here and he asked if I recognized the two guys standing about 60 yards from me. Yes, it was New Kids on the Block members Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg. Oh, if only I had my camera with me. I joked with the hotel worker that at least I wasn't the creepiest 40 year old in the hotel that night, he laughed and said his wife will kill him for not phoning and telling her who was there. Funny stuff.
Have a good Monday!!!

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