Thursday, June 11, 2009


There are so many different comments running through my mind after seeing this. One of those comments is not "How soon will it get here??"

Don't hurt yourself dialing the number!!!


Tyler said...

Oh wow. I hope those actors portraying the "Big Guy" and the "Maintain Your Dignity" woman got paid an obscene amount of money for this.

The funny thing is, this video is going viral and will probably make this thing a huge success.

Why not just use salad tongs?

Weaver said...

I'm old and can't wipe my ass! Here's an idea! I'm going to attach a piece of toilet paper to a stick then manuever said stick around my body, wipe my butt, all the while I depress a button. God forbid I take my finger of the button, who knows where the paper will end up. Good grief!

P.S. It seems a bit suspicious that the older women has people wiping her butt for her at this point. Do it yourself princess, keep your dignity!!!