Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 9 In The Books

The Riders have gotten through another day of practice---and what an outstanding day it was as the sun baked down on everyone.
Linebacker Aaron Wagner is now working on the other side of the ball as he is now at the fullback position. Head coach Ken Miller says its an opportunity for Wagner to make the football club because of the depth they have at linebacker. He was happy with the way Wagner adapted in his first day on the other side of the ball.
Head coach Ken Miller continues to be impressed by rookie receiver Johnny Quinn (what a great name for a receiver) and linebacker Jerrell Freeman. Miller also acknowledging that offensive lineman Marc Parenteau is having a great camp and is really showing that he belongs.
When it comes to Wednesday's game in Edmonton, Miller says Scott Schultz and Marcus Adams will not make the trip. He adds that some of the veterans that go will only be used in an emergency role and that they won't see a lot of game action.
Steven Jyles, in my mind, keeps getting a good challenge from Juan Joseph. I think Darian Durant and Dalton Bell are numbers 1 and 2, but Jyles will have to perform in the pre-season if he is to be the number three guy. The experience he has may prove to be the deciding factor.

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