Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rider Transactions

The following moves were made by the Riders today as they get ready for main camp which begins Sunday morning.

Import linebacker Carlos Armour was released.
Import defensive end AJ Raebel was released.
Import wide receiver Toby Zeigler was released.
Non-import deep snapper Jocelyn Frenette was suspended.
Import wide receiver Jeremy Gilchrist was suspended.
Non import defensive back LeRon Mitchell was placed on nine game injured.

Jeremy Gilchrist is still dealing with passport issues. Frenette is expected to report to camp in a few days. Mitchell, who recently had a second procedure performed on his ankle, is expected to fully recover.

To get a complete overview of Rider training camp, you can go to

One other CFL note. The Bombers have released quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie.


Anonymous said...

Could Dinwiddie be finding his way to Regina?? He would be an improvement over Jyles and Joseph and give Bell a year to learn.


Mike from Vita said...

I'm with you...I'm thinking Dinwiddie has a bigger upside than Jyles. That would give Bell and Joseph time to hone their skills.