Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rider T"RAIN"ing Camp Is Open

What a lovely day to open up Riders training camp. Lovely if you're a duck that is. Head coach Ken Miller and the coaching staff put the entire team through their first day of drills while dodging raindrops. Many hearty souls did check out what was going on, but I'm sure the weather did keep many away. That's too bad seeing there was some activities for the kids and a hot dog sale going on inside the park. I'm sure the weather will get better though----eventually!! It has to right.

The player of the day might very well have been rookie receiver Byron Ross who made a couple of outstanding catches that drew applause from those in attendance. Coach Miller says offensive lineman Marc Parenteau was one player that really caught his eye. Coach Miller also praising quarterback Darian Durant for calling the team together without any direction from the staff and telling them to go out and have a great practice. Miller saying it shows Durant is taking on more of a leadership role.

Rookie defensive lineman David Patterson may be wondering where exactly he is. A rather woozy looking Patterson had to be helped off the field by the training staff after suffering a concussion. He had a glazed look in his eye as he was escorted down the tunnel. It looked as if he had gone a few rounds with Lyoto Machida.

There could perhaps be a 5th quarterback coming to camp. Word is the football team does have some interest in Ryan Dinwiddie after he was released yesterday in Winnipeg.

Another set of two-a-days goes tomorrow at Mosaic Stadium with the forecast calling for more of the wet stuff. HUZZAH!!!!


Anonymous said...

If Dinwiddie comes here, doesn't it show a lack of faith in Durant as it will just prompt talk of a QB controversy. Durant needs a chance to show that he is the starter and I like the move he made today. Perhaps it would be better to let someone else give work to Dinwiddie.

Anonymous said...

Told ya!! Durant is number one, Dinwiddie is number 2, Bell holds a clipboard and learns and Joseph sits on the PR. If something happens to DD, I would be confident in Dinwiddie. Right now, I say Jyles would be 2 and that scares me.


Anonymous said...

What will it cost to bring Dinwiddie in?? Nothing! There's nothing that says he becomes the starter or even sticks through training camp. Did we not have five QB's at camp last year?? If he is available then I say bring him in.


Anonymous said...

Is Kelly so enamoured with Stefan Lefors that he releases Dinwiddie before camp starts. If he is, its proof positive Kelly has no clue. Winnipeg will be lucky to win six this year.