Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome Back!!

It won't be as big as it will be in just over a week when the B.C Lions come to town, but football is back tonight as the Riders and Stampeders meet on the Taylor Field turf in a 7 o'clock start. I loved the line from Coach Ken Miller when asked if there is added motivation for this one because they are playing the Grey Cup champs. Miller's response "We're more concerned with how we play than who we play."

That is an attitude one must have every time they step onto the playing surface of choice. If you are in awe of your opponents before you get the chance to play with them, you are beaten before you start.

Coach Miller has got everyone talking with his decision to start Steven Jyles at quarterback with Darian Durant getting the second set of reps. Miller told everyone Monday they shouldn't read anything into that decision, yet later admitted Jyles could be the team's starting quarterback for that July 3 game. Even if Jyles were to play well tomorrow night, he would have to be outstanding and Durant would have to be absolutely terrible for Darian not to be the starter when 2009 begins in earnest. I don't think you have to utter those words "quarterback controversy", at least not yet.

There's no better place in Canada to be on game night(day) than Mosaic Stadium and I know there will be 30-thousand fans screaming their heads off--just remember its pre-season for you too you know, but I don't think you're getting cut before the weekend. If you can't be there, Rod and Carm have it all for you on CKRM.
RUMOUR ALERT: I heard last night the BC Lions are very interested in Hugh Charles as they aren't happy with the guys they have in their backfield to try and replace Stefan Logan. Charles won't start at running back tomorrow night as Stu Foord will get the honor in place of the injured Wes Cates. Is this just the Riders trying to hide him or showcase him against second and third stringers? With Justin Beaver making an impact at camp, Charles might be trade-bait.
Again I emphasize this is just a rumour.

If you check out my blog list, you will see I have added a blog from a guy that I consider to be the best in this country when it comes to writing and overall knowledge and that is the Globe's Dave Naylor. There is no one in this country who is more plugged into the CFL than what Naylor is. As I said, he is the best. There is no argument on that as far as I'm concerned.

Hockey season is over, but you wouldn't know that by watching TSN as they are in full draft mode. Last night, Bob McKenzie(Canada's Mel Kiper Jr.) gave his top 60 ranking for Friday's draft. No surprise to hear that topping the list is John Tavares. If the Islanders do not take this guy with the first overall pick, then stupidity reigns supreme in Uniondale. I don't know if Tavares will have the same impact as a Sidney Crosby, but he will be a player in this league. McKenzie's top 5 are Tavares, Victor Hedman, Matt Duchene, Vancouver's Evander Kane and Brandon's Brayden Schenn--who of course is from Saskatoon. Saturday will be a big day for Bridge City players as Schenn, Jared Cowen and Carter Ashton should all go in the top 20 if not the top 15.


Sid??? Do we want to know what happened in that room?? Did you provide cab-fare??? Did you cook breakfast??? Where exactly is Cup watcher Phil Pritchard?? Is he the one taking the picture??? I could go on and on, but I won't.
Lucas Glover is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame this morning. Many are trying to figure out who exactly Lucas Glover is. He's the guy that ruined two storybook endings by winning the US Open and yes he won it. Once again, Phil Mickleson lost it as he bogeyed two of the final four holes to end what certainly would have been a very touching story when you consider what his wife is going through. David Duval also showed he is back---or at least he appears to be as he was right there at the end. He tripled 1 as well. One can only imagine if he would have won had it not been for number 1. Only time will tell if Glover can become an emerging star in golf or if he is a one major wonder like Todd Hamilton and Mike Weir. Yes, Weir showed again why I consider him to be such a disappointment as he had this tournament in his grasp only to once again let things get away by shooting back to back 74's.
Jon and Kate have decided to get a divorce. GOOD!!! Hopefully now, we don't have to hear about either one of you. I had no idea who you were two months ago and I couldn't care less about your future. Yes, once again this is why I hate reality TV. Reality TV to me....that's what I see on the ice, the court and the gridiron. Speaking of which, I'll be at Mosaic tonight to watch some football. I've missed it and I know you have too. Maybe I'll see you there. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Ask Neal Hughes about his "night" with the Grey Cup. I'm not sure, but I think he even showered with it in the morning.

I can't wait for tonight. Football at MSTF is an event even if it is pre-season.


Anonymous said...

Starting Jyles tonite is proof positive Miller is an idiot. Why start a quarterback controversy before the season even begins. If he didn't want Durant here, why was he re-signed. I don't like this move at all.

If the Charles trade does come through, would we get a roster player back or do you know. I'm guessing no one of real value if we do.

Between you and Pedersen, I'm getting what I need to know. Look forward to tonight.


Anonymous said...

Why are so many people getting so bent out of shape over this Jyles thing. ITS PRE-SEASON!!!!. I want the Riders to win, but if they don't, its not the end of the world. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Starting an exhibition game does not make anyone the team's starting quarterback. Who is the idiot, exactly?


Anonymous said...

I hope the Cup doesn't do to Sid what that girl in Colorado did to Kobe.


Anonymous said...

So Mitch, you, me and the 52 others who think the last pirate song stinks will be the only ones sitting down at the end of the 3rd??

I'm with you all the way time for a change!