Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Actually Saw The Sun

The sun was shining at Riders practice today. If I had a camera with me, I would have taken a picture. Fear not though, as interviews were starting, the rain came down and by the time coach Ken Miller spoke to those in attendance, it was coming down pretty good. I know space is limited in the stadium, and I know it may sound like a complaint but it isn't, but it would be nice if Miller could speak to us each day from inside a room with the Rider backdrop behind him. Its something I have asked about before but at this time of year when meetings are going on and everything else, it is tough to set up a room for just five minutes a day. I completely understand that. I guess we won't have to worry about the elements anymore when the new facility comes. Its days like what we've had when I go hopefully that happens sooner than later. Oh well, at least the rain we've had isn't the intense heavy downpours that disrupt at least one home game a year.

Cheezy line of the day comes courtesy of CTV's Lee Jones. In talking to Hugh Charles for a story on the backup running back, he asks Charles "You'd rather be seeing Charles in Charge then Leave it to Beaver." There's an obscure Scott Baio reference. Scott Baio---truly one of the great actors of our time. Why television did not put Baio and Tony Danza together remains one of life's great mysteries. By the way, Lee informs me that Thursday night he will be doing weather on the 6 o'clock news as he subs in for Angel. I MUST WATCH THAT!!! Maybe it should just be the Lee Jones hour. Give Manny and Carla the night off and let Lee go from one piece to the next.

Speaking of TV shows from days gone by, Jimmy Fallon wants a "Saved By the Bell" reunion. I have said previously I don't watch Fallon's show because I don't find him funny, but last night on his show, he had on the one and only Zack Morris (actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and it was outstanding.....

Who amongst us guys did not LOVE Kelly Kapowski???!!! This must happen!! Maybe Fallon once he has achieved a "Saved By the Bell" reunion can get a "Hang Time" reunion going. Does anyone remember that show??!!! It was about a high school basketball team whose star player was a girl. I believe this is how Hollywood found Anthony Anderson--the star of Kangaroo Jack. A movie that was somehow snubbed when it came to Oscars.

Depending on when you read this, you can watch the Riders of 2004 tonight on ESPN classic. A pair of July Friday night games against the Lions and Argos are on starting at 5 and 7. As I speak, ESPN classic has a Stanley Cup game between the Oilers and Hurricanes on. I believe its the one where Pisani scored in overtime to extend the series. What a glorious night that was!!!

Back to camp. No real huge items today. Coach Miller was thinking bad things when Chunky Adams went down during the morning workout. Its some kind of toe injury that will likely keep him off the field for a couple of days though. Miller also indicating its the team's preference to start two American offensive linemen and it could be a couple of Ole Miss grads. (The Riders have never had any success with guys from Ole Miss have they???? --this comment should be taken dripping in sarcasm). Belton Johnson and Bobby Harris look like they could be the opening day guards meaning with Geno and Jeremy set in cement at their positions, it leaves an opening at right guard. Joe McGrath perhaps??? That would be my guess at this time. Another o-lineman Andre Townsell and Stevie Baggs have been getting into each others grill quite a bit. These two guys aren't letting up one bit on one another. Is that a bad thing or not?? By the way, Baggs has looked good over the first three days of camp.


Anonymous said...

Kelly Kapowski or Jessie Spano??? You've seen Showgirls, I know you have as a red-blooded male. Tell me Ms. Spano wouldn't have been a wildcat. That's why Slater had to take wrestling just so he could control her.

The Big C

Anonymous said...

Is Chunk gonna make this team. Something tells me he isn't although it helped him when Patterson went down. How is Shologan looking?? I'm thinking he might go down in the bust category.

How can you not love the Zack Morris cellphone!!!!

Have you pressured Angel into naming the baby "Mitch".


Mitchell Blair said...

The baby will not be named Mitch. I'm sure Ryan and Angel have a much better name ready to go should it be a boy....something like Manfred!!!!

To the Big C. Tempting, but I would still go with Ms. Kapowski.

Tyler Has Nothing To Say said...

It's a good thing you are competent when it comes to sports, because you have ZERO taste in pop culture.

By the way, the UFC countdown show is on Spike tonight at 9pm (an hour from now) in case you see this before you check Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Take Tiff--especially after seeing this!!

She wasn't doing this with Jessie at the Max!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Its this one!!!