Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sid, Sid, Sid

Mother Nature has kicked us all right in the onions over the past couple of months, but no complaints with what she gave us today. I don't know if you can have a better day to be outside in Saskatchewan. It was gorgeous. Hope you got out there and did something whether it be watching ball like I was, playing golf, walking through the park, whatever.

The Penguins have captured the Stanley Cup and what happened after the game is dominating the headlines today. It seems a couple of Detroit Red Wings are a little choked over the fact Sidney Crosby did not shake hands with them at the end of the game. Kris Draper was not impressed and has taken a verbal swipe at the Penguins captain. I look at this two ways.

1) It was absolute mayhem after the game and everyone wanted a piece of Crosby. He did shake hands with many members of Detroit, but it is obvious he did not shake hands with his fellow captain Nick Lidstrom or Draper. Sid can't be blamed for this when the global media and the crush that followed likely prevented him from doing something I think he would have done and did.

2) As happy and excited as Crosby was, he should have made his way over to the Wings dressing room once everything had calmed down to shake hands with Lidstrom. That would have been the classy thing to do. He could also have exchanged pleasantries with other members of the Wings that he may have missed and then this whole mess would be avoided.

I guess you can say on this one I side with Sid, but I don't. How do you feel about it??
By all accounts, Rider day in Saskatoon went well. Many turning out to see the football team do their thing at Griffiths Stadium. They will be back on their own turf tomorrow and then go to Edmonton Wednesday. Yes, it might be pre-season, but football is here. Its hard to believe the start of the season is just a few sleeps away.
Rich Franklin beats Wanderlei Silva??? Didn't see that one coming.
Torii Hunter hits three homeruns for the Angels. I have Hunter in my fantasy baseball league. Thanks Torii. Thanks a bunch!!!!
That's all I got. I'm having a tough time keeping the old peepers open. Its time to hit the land of Z's.


Portuguese Sensation said...

I'd say about 2,000 people were there at Griffiths Stadium for the practice and a large portion stuck it out in the sweltering heat for the full practice.

Best part of the day - a young couple from Red Deer got their wedding pictures with the Riders scrimmaging in the background. They were doing their wedding reception in a "Rider Theme" - green bridesmaid dresses, a green cake, Gainer as a guest of honour, and they came out to "Paint the whole world Green". They're also season ticket holders.

It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Watch the fight and then tell me if Franklin beat Silva. I don't think so!!!