Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guess What Happened at TC Today

The sun came out and it was actually warm and pleasant as the Riders held day 5 of their training camp. This perhaps is the biggest story of them all.
I believe conversations were had with Ryan Whippler, Sheri Trapp, Lee Jones, Ian Hamilton, Murray McCormick and Jamie Nye in which the weather was not a topic. Even Dan Plaster had to show up just to see everyone that bothers him in the winter time and shuns him in the summer.
What was seen during day 5. Well,.......

When it comes to who might be having the best camp overall after five days, the honour might very well go to defensive back Lance Frazier. He has been outstanding!!
The comparisons of Jason Geathers to former CFL RB Robert Drummond are very accurate. He did the basics today as he gets use to everything seeing is behind the others.
Geathers was not the only new guy at camp today. Also there was linebacker Brandon Perkins.
The rookie receivers continue to shine. I like what Johnny Quinn, Chris Jones and Todd Blythe are bringing to the table. In fact, one could start the debate as to whether or not the Riders have the best receiving corp in the CFL. They certainly have the deepest. However, one of those receivers, Carl Berman, has been released.
Jocelyn Frenette is back.
Tad Kornegay is not going to be considered as a linebacker. Defensive co-ordinator Gary Etcheverry and Tad telling me he should be called a "quarter".
Seante Williams is a large, large man and one that I would not want to be angry with me.
Head coach Ken Miller is getting a little concerned over how much time Wes Cates might miss. Cates is recovering from an off-season procedure on his shoulder and it may mean he misses more than just the opening game against BC.
Those thinking Omarr Morgan has gotten a step slower in the off-season didn't see Morgan at work today. He was on top of his game.
Dalton Bell's small child is a spitting image of Dad.
And....its not an official day at camp until Sheri has referred to me as "Mitchie". When Vanstone starts calling me that, I will punch him in the neck!!!

That is all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice TC report
I'm interested in Kornegay playing LB. He'll get eaten alive on the run won't he.
Does Geathers supplant Cates or can he learn the offence in time
Who is Brandon Perkins?
Some of the idiots on are saying Clermont is washed up. Yeah, OK!!!! You guys thinking that can just go ahead and keep thinking it. You won't mind then if I just think you're moronic.