Friday, June 5, 2009

The Face Of The CFL

Sportsnet's Roger Millions referred to Henry Burris as the most recognizable face in the CFL during a piece on the Stampeders Thursday. Rod Pedersen in his blog today says its hard to argue that.
I can't think of someone who is a better face for the league when it comes to a current day player. Maybe Pinball Clemons or Milt Stegall if you are looking at former players, but I can't see anyone who is more nationally known than Burris.
In Saskatchewan, Scott Schultz and Gene Makowsky could be seen as the current faces of the franchise, but that doesn't translate nationally. If there is someone more recognizable than Burris, who is it???

One other CFL note. The Argos have put Titans quarterback Vince Young on their neg list. Young and coach Bart Andrus worked together when Andrus was with Tennessee. At one time, Young was on the Riders neg list. I remember Danny Barrett walking into a press gathering just days after Young's Texas Longhorns had beaten USC in the national championship game and letting everyone know with tongue firmly in cheek that he didn't think Young would be making his way to Regina anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Jesse Lumsden????

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Mitch, I appreciate the blog. you are like RP lite. All the info without the attitude and b.s. and the constant s**tshows over there.