Friday, June 26, 2009

Durant Gets The Start

To no one's surprise, Darian Durant has been named the starting quarterback for your Saskatchewan Roughriders when they take the field next Friday night in the season opener against B.C. Head coach Ken Miller surprising virtually no one with that statement today.

I had a chance to speak with both Gene Makowsky and Neal Hughes today for a story you will see soon on Both are not happy with the thought of having to watch the first few games in civvies because of their injuries, and both are frustrated that they aren't on the field with their teammates. Hughes letting us know he got kicked in the leg during the 4th day of training camp in the spot where the plate is in his leg from when he broke it while playing with the Rams.

If you were planning on going to practice this weekend, forget about it. The coach has cancelled Saturday's practice and there wasn't going to be one Sunday. It means the team has the weekend off. Enjoy it guys!!!
As the NHL draft nears, I don't know if I'm more interested in whether or not the Islanders take John Tavares or if guys like Heatley, Pronger, Lecavalier and Bouwmeester get traded. I think its going to be an interesting night at the Bell Centre.
Once you hit the age of 60, do you no longer have to signal that you are turning when driving in Regina??

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Anonymous said...

60??? Try 50 or less than that. Its ridiculous---especially downtown.