Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome Back

(Brendan Taman picture courtesy of Regina Leader-Post)

Brendan Taman and everyone else in the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization knows what people are thinking as news comes out that he is the football team's new director of football administration.
As word came out today that Taman was being employed by the football club, it had everyone wondering if this was the beginning of the end for current GM Eric Tillman. Taman can just come in and take over where Tillman left off. Yeah, that might happen some day, but if it does, it won't be immediately.
Taman made it crystal clear during his scrum with reporters that he is not here to take Tillman's job and that one of the reasons he is here is because of the excellent relationship that he and Eric have formed over the years.
President and CEO Jim Hopson also made it clear that Taman's hiring does not mean Tillman's days with the team are numbered. In fact, Hopson says all they have done is replace the outgoing Tony Playter---yes that is right....albeit Taman has more football experience in his backpocket than what Playter has.(and that's no shot at Tony who is one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet---even though he refuses to buy Trent Fraser and myself lunch!!)
All the Riders have done today is replace Playter. Eric Tillman will still do his thing while on administrative leave. In bringing Taman on board, they have added a valuable member to the organization who can give them depth in a variety of areas. If the day comes where the team needs a new GM whether it be because Tillman is found guilty or because Tillman decides one day after his innocence is declared that he has had enough, I would expect Taman to be a front-runner for the position. That day is a long ways away though. Those thinking otherwise might be in for a rude surprise.
This is a good hire for the football team. That's the way it should be looked at.


Anonymous said...

Brendan Taman is a good man. He knows his football and if the day comes that he gets the chance to be our general manager so be it. I hope Eric is our GM for a long time, but if something prevents that happening, I am happy with BT taking over.

This is a hire that is long overdue


Anonymous said...

Well said Steve


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Mitchell Blair said...

If he becomes a team player, I'm OK with it. If he brings the act to Edmonton that he had in Ottawa, I (and many others) won't be impressed. I'd rather see Nilsson go than Cogliano but whatever

Anonymous said...

LOL- he rejected it!