Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get Yourself To the Schoolyard ASAP

Penguins broadcaster Mike Lange said it the best Tuesday night. Its time to meet in the schoolyard for all the marbles. The Penguins and Wings will do what we dreamed of growing up playing hockey. Its one game winner take all for the trophy. The questions going into Game 7 are in my mind....
1)What will Sidney Crosby do in the biggest game of his career?? Sid says he never wants to be in this picture again. He has not played well in Detroit. He needs to show why he is considered by some to be the NHL's top player in what is now the only game that matters. One has to think if Pittsburgh wins and Sid has a big game that not only will he get the Stanley Cup from Gary Bettman, but the Conn Smythe as well.
2)What Marc-Andre Fleury shows up?? Fleury has been great in Pittsburgh, but not so great in Detroit. What does he have in store for Game 7. If its a Patrick Lalime special, it will be over quick.
3)Can the road team win a game in this series??? Neither team has won on the road. The home team has been the better team in all six games although Detroit did take it to Pittsburgh in the 3rd period of Game 6. The first goal will be huge.
4)Hockey fans in general. We have been treated to a great final. Do we need an extra period or two to decide it. A double or triple overtime thriller would be a tremendous way to end the season.
I take Detroit to win it and if they do, it will be a nice boost in the arm to a city that is in need of some good news with what's been going on with the economy and the automobile sector. I really think my dislike for the Penguins has something to do with the NFL team that calls that city home.

I heard the guys on XM Radio talking about the Cup presentation. You know Gary Bettman will be booed by those in the Joe Louis Arena regardless of who wins. The presentation of the Cup has to happen at centre ice so to prevent the embarassment of boos raining down, should deputy commissioner Bill Daly do the honours. How about Gordie Howe presenting it if Detroit wins and Mario presenting it if Pittsburgh wins. That would be cool!!!

If Detroit wins tonight, Nick Lidstrom, Kris Draper, Tomas Holmstrom and Kirk Maltby will all win their 5th Cup---all with Detroit. That's impressive. While Lidstrom is a sure fire bet to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame, I cant say the same for the other three. Maybe Draper, but not Holmstrom and Maltby.

I've bitched and complained about hockey season being too long and that there is no way a game should be played on June 11. However, you also know as a Canadian and a hockey fan, there is no way I miss this one. It may be PVR'ed, but I won't be missing it and I know you won't be either.
Now that Joe McGrath is no longer in the Riders equation, who fills his spot on the offensive line. I thought McGrath would be a member of the starting five, but his trade back to the Eskimos means someone else will be in there at right guard. Is it Marc Parenteau, is it Chris Best, is it Jordan Rempel. We'll find out soon.
I have heard some Rider "fans" state Jason Clermont's time is done and that he should be released by the football team to save a high salary. To those saying that, I say this "HAND IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD!" If you are one of these people, are you insane??? If Clermont is healthy this year, there is no reason why he shouldn't be a 1-thousand yard receiver. He will be Darian Durant's favourite target in the red zone because of his tremendous hands and precise route-running ability. He will continue to be a mentor to guys like Andy Fantuz and Chris Getzlaf. He will continue to be one of the toughest players in the CFL and one of the best Canadians. The acquisition of Clermont in the off-season will do nothing but pay dividends. End of argument! YEESH!
The Orlando Magic have successfully pissed away any chance they had at the NBA championship after gassing Game 4. They led by 5 with less than a minute to go in regulation and end up losing in overtime. Derek Fisher had a big three to tie the game to send it into o-t and he had another one from behind the arc in the o-t to give the Lakers control. However, this game shouldn't have come down to Fisher's heroics. Orlando was god awful from the charity stripe. They were 22 of 37 or a woeful 59.5 percent. How can you miss that many foul shots--especially in the 4th quarter when they could have sewn this one up. As much as I hate Kobe and the Lakers, there is no way they will give this one up. In fact, I think they end it Sunday night in Orlando. Seriously, how can you be so bad from the foul line!!!!
Canada's best NBA'er Steve Nash is doing some work for David Letterman doing the NBA finals and some damn good work indeed. Check this out and watch for the question he asks Jeff Van Gundy about his brother Stan. Funny stuff!!!!!

The more I read about the David Carradine story, the more I wonder just what type of sick you know what was this guy??? I don't think I'd want to snatch the pebbles from his hand if you know what I mean!!
The more I see him, the more I am convinced FOX Sports' Chris Rose has the best gig going today. He is the studio host for the network's MLB coverage, he does some NFL play-by-play, he hosts "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" and he gets to do that alongside the lovely Charissa Thompson. There is nothing and I mean nothing wrong with that.
If you're a soccer fan, you might want to think about heading to Commonwealth Stadium July 25. On that night, English club team Everton will take on Argentinian club team River Plate. I think that was the team that the great Diego Maradona played on. The game will go on the same weekend as the Edmonton Indy. That's a pretty nice sports weekend that doesn't even involve the Eskimos.
Are we actually going to have a nice weekend????


Anonymous said...

I don't know what the case behind McGrath leaving is, but it certainly doesn't make him look good.
Those believing Clermont will hurt more than help this team are idiots.
Danny Cleary for the CST when Detroit wins tonight.
Love the idea of having alumni present. However, who presents when Atlanta wins!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been on and I've read the same arguments from some of these buffoons who think Clermont should be cut or traded. HA HA HA HA!!! You don't think Clermont will be the number one option in goal-line situations. You don't think Clermont will make the big catch over the middle that fumble-fingers Fantuz can't make. You think Clermont's attitude won't rub off on some of the young guys and the vets already. Just listen to him during camp.
Some Rider fans just need something or someone to bitch about.