Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I don't think that's what Ken Miller and the rest of the Rider coaching staff were hoping for Wednesday night. Here's your recap of what took place on the Commonwealth Stadium grass....

Its hard to make an evaluation when you don't see what is going on, but one has to give credit to Steven Jyles. I didn't think he had a good first week of practice, and I thought Juan Joseph might give him a battle when it comes to who holds the clipboard. However, the performance of Jyles and the disappointing night by Dalton Bell who was 2 for 10 with an interception may have vaulted Jyles into the number 2 spot. Stevie Baggs might also have won one of the defensive end spots as he forced a couple of fumbles and was named the Riders top defensive player by Rod and Carm.

When it comes right down to it, the game was an exhibition encounter and I couldn't care less if the Riders were on the top end of a 33 point beatdown or the back end of it. The only thing that choked me a little was why the Eskimos waited so long until they played Jesse Lumsden. Why wouldn't they want him in there against the Riders main defence? Each team goes in ---especially in the first pre-season game--wanting to take a look at a lot of players. If this was Week 1 of the regular season there would be some concern, but its not. Just remember, the Detroit Lions went 4-0 in the pre-season last year and look how they ended up.
Are you taking today off??? If you're a golf fan, I can't blame you. The US Open starts today with TSN's coverage beginning at 8 AM and going all day. It will be hard to live up to the drama of last year's Open won in the 18 hole playoff by Tiger who had a broken leg and screwed up knee, but all eyes will once again be on Mr. Woods.
How many pitchers do the Jays have on the disabled list? Roy Halladay and Scott Downs are on it now. Considering the way this team has played this year, its hard for Blue Jay fans to digest on where they might be if Dustin McGowan, Shaun Marcum and Jesse Litsch were in the mix as well. I truly believe its imperative for GM JP Ricciardi to go out and find himself a number 2 starter that can keep this team's pennant hopes alive. If it means trading a Travis Snider or one of the young arms that has already pitched for Toronto this year like a David Purcey or a Brett Cecil, than so be it. Maybe that famous no-trade clause would play a factor, but a guy like Houston's Roy Oswalt, Arizona's Dan Haren or Seattle's Erik Bedard(a Canadian) would look good wearing a Toronto jersey. So would Pedro Martinez or Tom Glavine. C'mon JP!!!!!
Its good to see Dale Derkatch land on his feet. He is now getting a paycheque from the Prince Albert Raiders as they name him head of player personnel. There is no doubt Dale knows his hockey and its good to know that his reputation didn't take a large hit after a less than stellar year behind the bench in Regina.
I wish CTV would stop those damn humane society stories saying they are overcrowded. I know why they do it and one of these times, the wife is just going to look at me and it will be off to the society to get a cat. We'd already have a bunch of them if it wasn't for the fact that everyone except for Tracey would be sneezing their life away. I guess this means the neighbourhood squirrel will have to remain as the only four legged creature entering my backyard. Speaking of which, CTV is just breaking the MC Hammer news now. CMON!!!!! Its old news now!!!!I can't imagine the scene at the Molson Canadian Grandstand on that final night of the ex. Then again, do I really want to know????
There's no Youtube of least not so far, so watch TSN for this one. Red Sox outfielder Jason Bay had a visitor last night during Boston's game at Fenway against Florida. Hiding in the Green Monster waiting for his chance to come out and say hi to the Canadian born Bay was none other than Bobby Orr. How cool would that be to be standing there in left and be called over by Bobby Orr. It was hard to see who was thrilled more by the encounter.
Seeing the Stampeders won last night, have they already proclaimed themselves as the 2009 Grey Cup champs????
I have become Facebook friends with High Impact Wrestling's Principal Richard Pound. I am already a member of his honor roll and now this. Can life be any better??????? Speaking of which, another HIW show goes Friday at the German Club. You really can't miss these things. It is a cultural experience!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It is pre-season, but getting beat by 33 is not what I was expecting. I'm glad Ricky Ray didnt play. Three of the four quarterbacks were bad. All the Dalton Bell supporters need to step back a little. Stu Foord showed he should be considered as Cates' replacement for the opener and I would now officially label Keith Shologan as a bust.

Gary N

Anonymous said...

The performance of the QB's did nothing to make me more secure about the upcoming season.

What happened to the great young receivers?Jones, Blythe, Quinn)

Did Edmonton expose Etcheverry's new scheme with rookie quarterbacks???

Daniel Francis sounds like he can play. I haven't heard a lot or noticed him at camp.

Those that believe Jason Clermont should be cut might want to watch the game film.


Anonymous said...

Getting beat by 33 at any time in a pro football game is embarassing. I hope Ken and the coaches get a good look at what transpired on film and give some guys bus tickets. From listening to Rod and Carm, it sounds like Childress is done as he couldn't catch a cold.

Al, I'm with you on the Jason Clermont thing.

Bring back Dave Stieb and Jimmy Key!!!!!


Anonymous said...

From the way Rod and Carm described it, the o-line was pretty porous after Geno, Jeremy and Belton left.
Watching the hilites, I didn't like the Durant pick but I still have confidence in him. He'll make some errant throws from time to time and we will have to live with it. As long as there isn't too many of them.

Tyler said...

Has Pound ever called you a "wannabe who's never gonna be" yet?