Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rookie Camp Day 2

Quarterback Dalton Bell throws a ball during day two of Rider rookie camp. Head coach Ken Miller saying he liked what the guys gave him today saying they were remarkably better as a group than what they were when camp opened yesterday. Miller feeling the groups is more comfortable and more in tune with the team's terminology and expectations. He adds they may have been a little nervous yesterday.

As for players who have stood out, Miller said defensive back Chris McKenzie is one guy who has really stood out. His closing speed is really something to see and its been hard for quarterbacks to complete passes when McKenzie is defending. Justin Beaver is also a guy that you need to watch. Defensive lineman Joe Sykes and David Patterson also had their moments today.

Rookie camp wraps up tomorrow with a 930-1130 practice. Coach Miller saying after he doesn't know how many of the guys on the field over the past three days will advance to main camp that starts Sunday. The reason for that is they are only allowed to have 68 players (draft picks and juniors don't count. When I say draft picks, that includes 2008 picks Mike Stadnyk and Jonathan St. Pierre)


Anonymous said...

Can Sykes be a real force on the D line. he had a lot of sacks in arena ball and I can't see much of a difference in the trenches from arena ball to pro ball. I had someone tell me he could be a Cam Wake type guy. Is that true?? If so, that is great news!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch, Love your camp updates, now I was watching TV the last few nights and caught the ad for the silver sonic XL hearing device. here is their website

Not sure if you caught this stupid ad but it advertises the hearing device that looks like someone stuck a pickle in your ear, well I know I worked for the Rider for 17 years and I pretty much would pick up on any Rider logo everwhere, well they advertise that this devise is great for sporting events and I did a double take as I was sure it was Richie Hall about 1990 running up the field in a Rider uniform on the guys big screen TV. Now they show the ad on their website and sure enough it's Richie Hall. It comes on right after the guy is in a fishing boat, if you blink you miss it! Now this product is in the US so they probably figured they would pick off some unused football footage from Canada. Anyway thought you might check it out and have a good laugh like I did. You just never know where Rider Football pops up!
I haven't talked to my brother lately but you won't see him at any CFL camps in the next few days as he is in Pittsburgh again tonight for Game 4. Seems he is doing everything you and me would love to do. Travel around and watch live sports! He was there for some of the Washington series and now back for Games 3 and 4. He's a big Pittsburgh fan, Penguins and Steelers! Don't have to post this, just sending it along for an FYI!

Barry Taman