Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Final Stanley Cup Thoughts

Waking up the morning after Pittsburgh's Stanley Cup win, there are a few more thoughts to get off my chest. First off, I'm thinking I'm feeling better than the Penguin players---some whom I wonder if they even slept after what I'm sure was a very emotional and rewarding evening.

1. Has Sid shaved off that playoff beard yet. That is the worst playoff fuzz going. Seriously!!! Then again perhaps I should look in the mirror, I could start next year's playoff beard now and be outclassed by some within three days of next year's playoffs starting. Speaking of which, I wonder if the Penguins at least have the class to rinse out the sink after or if the dressing room attendant at the Joe has a big-time mess to clean up this morning. By the way, while the men have the no shaving rule during the playoffs, what does the crazed female hockey fan do. I don't know if I really want the answer to that do I????

2. Until TSN gets a Stanley Cup final, its hard to say what they will do with it, but one has to tip their hat to Hockey Night in Canada for simply bringing us an outstanding broadcast from the first view of the Joe until signoff. Ron McLean and the gang brought their "A plus" game to the table in Game 7. The montage at the end was once again spell-binding and is must-watch TV. If you didn't see it, try and find it today. Did you notice Don Cherry was not around for any post-game talk. Do you know why??? I didn't know this until last year when I sat in on a playoff conference call involving Cherry, but he leaves the building at the end of the second period on the night the Cup can be presented. He can't stand to see the look on the faces of the guys that came so close to winning and didn't. He doesn't want to be there. That's incredible! (and no there's no Cathy Lee Crosby reference there---do some of you reading this even know what that means)
CBC also did their best to speak to I think every Penguins player that played in Game 7 to get their thoughts. Why shouldn't they??? Guys like Crosby and Malkin get all the microphones thrust in their face for good reason, but its guys like Cooke, Scuderi and Kunitz that help them get there too. To see the look on their face and get a feeling of what they are feeling is big and you know there are people in their hometowns that are smiling seeing their native son experience the joy of winning a Stanley Cup.

3. I wonder what was said in the post game handshakes between members of the Penguins and Marian Hossa.

4. Would Pittsburgh have won the Cup with Michel Therrien coaching them. I don't even think they would have made the playoffs. In my mind, Therrien is simply a dullard.

5. Its great to see members of the winning team surrounded by their kids when they are being interviewed. Perhaps the best interview of all was the one with Sergei Gonchar who was alone in the dressing room with his daughter just soaking in what had happened. Speaking of which, and this maybe should have gone on Point 2, Elliotte Friedman just continues to get better and better and better. One has to wonder if the day will come when he is US bound.

6. You can have your Crosbys and your Malkins, but give me a guy like Jordan Staal and I know I will win my fair share of hockey games. How can you not love what he brings to the dance floor each and every night?

7. I still can't get used to the new Hockey theme on CBC.

8. I wasn't rooting for the Penguins in the final, but at least it wasn't Toronto or Calgary getting the Cup so all is good.

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Portuguese Sensation said...

1. Love the new HNIC theme song. It's wicked cool.

2. CBC did a bang up job until the trophy presentation. They missed Gary's announcement of Malkin winning the Conn Smythe cuz they were busy interviewing someone. And instead of focusing on Crosby when he lifted the cup, they cut away to a shot of Lemieux then back to Crosby - there's lots of time to get shots of Lemieux (and they had a great shot at the end of Lemieux handing the trophy back to Crosby) but for those first few moments leave it one shot so we can really enjoy what they're going through.

3. I bet Marian Hossa hates the world today LOL