Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HHOF Welcomes New Members

My wife should be happy today. Its because her hockey hero Steve Yzerman has been named to the Hockey Hall of Fame. He will be joined by Luc Robitaille, Brett Hull, Brian Leetch and Lou Lamoriello.

I had it all set a few years ago where Tracey would meet Steve before a game in Edmonton. He then threw a monkeywrench into those plans by saying he was going to miss the opening two weeks of the season with a knee injury. She was beyond crushed!!!! I couldn't even tell her myself, I just handed her the copy of the story from the wire.

I keep telling her he will be here for the World Juniors. She doesn't believe me. She should.


Anonymous said...

Had Gretzky and Lemieux not graced the planet he would have been the best player of his generation. It would have been Messier and Yzerman trading the Hart Trophy back and forth. Honourable mention to Ray Bourque.

Agree with Yzerman and Hull. If Robitaille going in ahead of Andreychuck and especially Cicarelli makes zero sense. I hate the HOF voting process because it makes no sense. How does Robitaille go ahead of Brian Leetch?


Anonymous said...

My mistake Brian Leetch was elected. Igor Larionov should have gone in with this class.

Anonymous said...

My friggin' mistake Larionov went in last year. I think I complain for the sake of complaining. Sorry 'bout that.