Friday, June 26, 2009


That would be my assessment of the NHL draft. There was no drama, there was no excitement, there was no wheeling and dealing---at least not really. After all the hype that was given to the hours surrounding the draft, it really failed me.

The Islanders did the right thing in taking John Tavares. Tampa followed suit with Victor Hedman with Matt Duchene, Evander Kane and Brayden Schenn going to Colorado, Atlanta and Los Angeles just like Pierre McGuire predicted during the TSN draft preview the other night. It made me wonder if Pierre had just handed the GM' s his picks and told them to follow along.

I was at my daughter's softball game so I wasn't watching the proceedings, but I kept waiting for one of those TSN alerts saying Heatley had been traded or Lecavalier had been traded or something. I was not happy to hear the Oilers took some Swede whose name I won't even attempt to type. As I stated earlier, I would have liked to seen the Oil get defenceman Ryan Ellis or forward Jordan Schroeder. Ellis went one pick after Edmonton's to Nashville while Schroeder went late in the first round to Vancouver.

Before leaving for the game, I caught a very embarassing gaffe by Gord Miller. He let it be known when Phoenix took Swedish born defenceman Oliver Ekman-Larsson was the first European player taken. He was then corrected by Bob McKenzie who reminded what had to be a sheepish Miller about Hedman. Oops!!! In some places, I'm sure there are many who cackled as some don't find Gord to be the most up and up guy. I wouldn't know. I will say this---he's no Chris Cuthbert, but then again who is.
Am I hearing the Gary Bettman-Tampa Bay Lightning story right. A story is floating around Montreal suggesting Bettman with Lightning owners Oren Koules and Len Barrie saying if they want to sell the team, they had best hang onto Lecavalier. In fact the quote is "You better not trade this guy or nobody is going to buy this franchise." As you know, the Vinnie to Montreal rumours have heated up again bigtime this week. The question I have on this is if its true, then is not Commissioner Bettman guilty of tampering? Does he have the right to tell teams how they should run their day-to-day business??? If Bettman has indeed does this, I think he is very much in the wrong and that some other owners have to have him explain his actions.

I wonder what Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin were thinking when they heard Chris Pronger had been traded to the Flyers. That should add some spice to the battle of Pennsylvania.

Is it just my hatred for the Leafs or is it another reason why I laughed at the fact Brian Burke said he would do this and he would do that in the days before the draft and in the end, he did nothing but make the 7th pick like he was supposed to. No Tavares and no Schenn and then no qualms in praising Nazem Kadri who you know was Burke's 3rd and worst option. How can you take his words seriously if you are Kadri knowing he didn't really want you wearing that Leafs uniform.
I know he didn't mean to do it, but Rod Pedersen started an interesting little debate on Friday. With several former and current Pats taking part in the Sticks on Rose Road Hockey Tournament, RP was talking about Mike Sillinger. A comment on the blog asked Rod if Sillinger was the best Pat ever when you consider WHL and NHL careers. RP said Bill Hicke and the debate was on---and its one of those debates where you can't establish a clear winner. I would probably go with Clark Gillies. Others threw out names like Dirk Graham, Garth Butcher and Barret Jackman. As an Oiler fan, I'm hoping Jordan Eberle enters this argument in the next decade.
How about Atlanta Braves relief pitcher Jeff Bennett. He comes into a game against the Yankees Wednesday night in the 6th and gives up a tiebreaking two run single to Alex Rodriguez. When the inning is over, he punches a door breaking his hand. Bennett says he pushed the bone back into place, told no one what had happened and then pitched the 7th. He's going to miss the next six weeks.
Thanks to Glen for sending me this. I present the 10 worst commercials on TV (American TV) today.

Too bad there wasn't a Canadian one because I could think of a bunch of them that could go on this list----most of them revolving around Tim Hortons.
I don't think you'll be seeing Joe Smith come to Saskatchewan any time soon....then again, he could be here next Friday night wearing the colours of the BC Lions again. I don't think Reggie Hunt will resurface in Saskatchewan either and I'm wondering if his shoulder injury may be serious enough to not have him play again period. I've always had a soft spot for the Reaper and I think if he had his choice, he would love to come back and finish his career in Saskatchewan. Did he spend his off-season here last winter??? I know D-J Flick lived in his house last year. Who is in it this year?

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