Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who Goes And Who Stays

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will hit the Mosaic Stadium turf at 11 AM this morning. Many of the players that were at practice Monday and were involved in Tuesday's game against Calgary will not be there. They will have been told their services are no longer needed. Some of those that have been told that are known thanks to Rod Pedersen and Murray McCormick.

Juan Joseph, Sam Olajubutu, Seante Williams, Jason Geathers and Casey McGehee are just five of what will be many cuts. Who stays and who has been told their services are no longer needed. The team has to be down to 46 players --42 active and 4 reserve with seven staying on the practice roster. If I remember right, 22 players of those 42 including quarterbacks have to be imports. I have no rhyme or reason nor do I have inside knowledge when I make these picks. Here's my thoughts (the c beside the name indicates he is Canadian)

QB--Darian Durant, Steven Jyles, Dalton Bell
RB--Hugh Charles, c-Stu Foord, c-Chris Szarka
WR--c-Andy Fantuz, c-Jason Clermont, c-Rob Bagg, c-Chris Getzlaf, Weston Dressler, Chris Jones, Eric Morris, Johnny Quinn
OL-Bobby Harris, Belton Johnson, c-Jeremy O'Day, c-Marc Parenteau, c-Jordan Rempel, c-Chris Best, c-Jonathan St. Pierre, c-Jocelyn Frenette
DL-John Chick, Stevie Baggs, Marcus Adams, c-Keith Shologan, c-Scott Schultz, c-Luc Mullinder, Joe Sykes
LB-Renauld Williams, c-Mike McCullough, Sean Lucas, Kye Stewart, Jerrell Freeman
DB-c-Donovan Alexander, Eddie Davis, James Patrick, Lance Frazier, Omarr Morgan, Tad Kornegay, c-Joel Lipinski, Chris MacKenzie, Denetay Heard, Daniel Francis,
K/P-c-Jamie Boreham, c-Luca Congi

Practice Roster
RB Justin Beaver, WR Byron Ross, WR Gerran Walker, DL c-Mike Stadnyk, DL David Patterson, DB c-Sasha Glavic, DB-Carlos Armour

Injured list
RB Wes Cates, RB c-Neal Hughes, OL-c-Gene Makowsky, WR-Todd Blythe, DB-c-Konrad Wasiela, WR Adam Nicolson, LB Sam Olajubutu

Returned to CIS
DB Tamon George, OL Nick Hutchins (although this decision I'm sure was very tough)

Feel free to voice any changes you may have.
You know I've never really had a problem with Dany Heatley until the last couple of weeks. In talking to people that I know that hang around NHL circles, the guy seems to be a real you-know-what. I don't know where Heatley is going to end up, but I hope he ends up somewhere on Ottawa's terms and not his. If the guy wants to be traded than so be it, but when he is one of those guys that says trade me and trade me to one of these teams, I say screw you. If you want to be traded, you go wherever. There is talk Edmonton is on Heatley's list. As good as he is, I don't think I want a guy like that in my room. I'm also hearing he could end up going to Vancouver with both Sedins going back to Ottawa in a sign and trade deal.
It would appear as if Jarrett Stoll is no longer interested in Stacy's mom. The Yorkton-Melville product has apparently called off his wedding to actress Rachel Hunter. Word is he is having cold feet. How can a hockey player have cold feet??? If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say Stacy's Mom then take a gander......

Did Fountain of Wayne ever have another hit?? Would this have been a hit if it weren't for the video???? You are still doing Saskatchewan proud Jarrett, but what the hell???
The NHL says this year's Winter Classic will have the Flyers vs the Bruins at Fenway. Why wouldn't the NHL want Alexandre Ovechkin doing his thing in the league's marquee game of the regular season. This makes no sense at all.
I would not blame Cincinnati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo if he never came back to Skydome. On June 24, 2008, Arroyo was pummelled for 10 runs at Skydome over an inning of work. 365 days later, Arroyo once again stood on the pitchers mound at Skydome and once again he was rocked. Aaron Hill, Vernon Wells and Adam Lind all sent one over the wall in the first inning as Toronto gets five in the first and beat the Reds 8-2. This would be great if it wasn't for the fact I have Arroyo on my fantasy baseball team. ARRRGHHH!!!
You know there has been a lot of turnover in the CFL when it comes to head coaches, but what about the WHL. The promotion of Dave Lowry from the Calgary Hitmen to the Flames means that when the puck drops for the start of next year, there will be seven teams with new head coaches. Regina-Curtis Hunt, Chilliwack-Marc Habscheid, Prince George-Dean Clark, Everett-Craig Hartsburgh. Three teams--Calgary, Lethbridge and Swift Current need new coaches. By the way, Rod Pedersen stated a while back that former Pats coach Rich Preston could be the new guy in Lethbridge. How about he just stay in Calgary and become the bench boss of the Hitmen. Actually, I would like to see Rich just stay in the NHL with someone, but the Hitmen should know what Preston brings to the table. If he is indeed interested in returning to junior, Calgary might be the best spot.
NBA news. Lebron James---meet your new teammate Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq is off to the Cavaliers as they swing a trade with Phoenix. To me that makes Cleveland the favourites to win the NBA title next year. Yes, I realize there is a long ways to go before their season actually starts.
US Hockey had its Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Olympics and now perhaps they have their Miracle on Grass. The US soccer team upset the number 1 ranked team in the world when they beat Spain in a semi-final game at the Confederations Cup tournament in South Africa. They play Brazil in the final. I will likely watch that.
Before I go, I just want to make sure I have one thing clear after seeing the headlines of the day. If you are a young mother that doesn't really want to have a baby, you can go into a department store washroom, deliver that baby in the toilet and leave it for dead before leaving period and then be found not guilty of what is to me a crime and a serious one at that. Is this proof enough that our justice system is in serious need of an overhaul? You can make all the excuses you want, but in the end, this is a crime that someone is not going to be punished for. NICE!!
Talk to ya later. Thanks for checking in!!!


Anonymous said...

Change is good. It will give an opportunity to those who deserve it. (ex Tim Kehler in Swift Current).

I don't know about George, but I think Hutchins could step in now as a backup.

I'm not sold on Etch's D. Maybe we could trade Mullinder to get a linebacker.

Portuguese Sensation said...

You're assuming that Brazil is going to beat South Africa (which they should and likely will) but as we saw with the US, anything is possible.

Do you think the Riders should go after JoJuan Armour?