Friday, June 10, 2011


Has Steve Bartman started cheering for the Phillies now? Is he still a Cubs fan and screwed up again? Check out what happened during last night's Cubs-Phillies game.

At least the Cubs won in extra innings.
The Dallas Mavericks are one game away from winning the NBA Finals. Where has Mark Cuban been in these playoffs? He was visible after the Mavericks beat the Lakers, but I have not seen or heard a word from him since the Finals started. Is he alive?
The east bound lane of Vic is closed between Park and the Ring Road. Vic is now basically a two way street in that area. That won't create any traffic jams whatsoever. YIKES!!!! I get the feeling there will be many frayed nerves over the next few days.
The Red, Blue and Bling event at the Ramada last nite put on by the Pats was a good show. Pedersen being the camera bug that he is has a lot of pix up on his blog. Check it out if you haven't already.
Jamie Nye sounds as if he has given up on the Canucks. Shame!!! I never gave up on the Oilers when they got beat by Carolina a few years ago. Then again, my team didn't get outscored 12-1 and look like horsecrap in Games 3 and 4 either.


Anonymous said...

Just stay out of the east end altogether. What a gong show!!!


Anonymous said...

Where is Mark Cuban?