Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TSN To Mic Up Players And Coaches

TSN once again takes fans closer to the CFL than ever before.

For the first time, TSN will use LIVE microphones on players and coaches during a CFL game. Fans will be able to hear play calls, pep talks, grunts and groans as they happen during TSN’s special broadcast of the Toronto Argonauts @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers pre-season game on Thursday, June 23 at 8 p.m. ET.

TSN will have live microphones on Argos’ Head Coach Jim Barker and Blue Bombers’ Head Coach Paul LaPolice along with the starting quarterbacks – giving fans live unedited audio and a first-hand perspective on what happens in the huddle and on the sidelines.

TSN’s Rod Black and Duane Forde are in the booth providing play-by-play and analysis for the game.

“We are always looking to bring fans as close to the action as possible. The league and teams have been incredibly supportive and worked with us to give fans even more access inside the game,” said Paul Graham Vice-President and Executive Producer of Live Events, TSN. “

Tensions will be high on the field as players compete for jobs and coaches look to establish their teams. Having the live microphones on the quarterbacks and Head Coaches will deliver some compelling content.”

“Our league prides itself on its accessibility for our fans – and this initiative takes them inside our game in a very exciting way,” said Matt Maychak, the CFL’s Vice-President, Broadcast and Communications.

“It’s another example of how our partnership with TSN continues to grow stronger – and our fans and viewers continue to benefit from that partnership.”

TSN will look to use live microphones on players and coaches at other points throughout the season.

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