Sunday, June 5, 2011


The SJHL held its annual general meeting this past weekend in Nipawin with new league President Bill Chow having a chance to introduce himself to the member teams and take part in his first official function with other league dignitaries.

Many different ideas were discussed around the table, and Chow came away impressed with the two days of meetings.

“We have identified some issues, from the contributions of the Coaches, Presidents and Governors and other representatives of the SJHL’s 12 franchises, and I feel as if we have formulated ideas to make positive and progressive change,” Chow said. “One item identified is that not all of our players write their exams to become eligible to be identified for opportunities to further advance their education and hockey opportunities either in Canada or in the United States. “ Plans are being formulated to ensure players that are eligible will write the appropriate exams to allow them to have as many opportunities to further themselves with their education and hockey opportunities.”

Amongst the highlights were host venues being officially announced for both the Showcase and the SJHL Hall of Fame ceremonies.

The Estevan Bruins will show off their brand new arena, Spectra Place, to the league, its fans and scouts on the weekend of October 14 as they will be the host team for the annual Showcase. That event features all 12 teams playing two games each over a three game span allowing scouts to watch all players at once and get a good chance at speaking to them and evaluating them.

The Yorkton Terriers will host the 2011 SJHL Hall of Fame weekend. The date of the Hall of Fame Game will be November 18 with the induction ceremony happening the next night. This will be the 3rd year in which the SJHL has dipped into its past to remember those that have helped contribute to make this league great.

The league is also going to investigate moving its annual general meeting and holding it in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Hockey Association. This will provide all members present opportunities to discuss business that would affect all involved, while allowing the entities to conduct their own meetings to achieve objectives at their own AGMs.

Chow wants to thank the members of the 12 Franchises that attended the AGM for their positive contributions that will be worked on in the coming year. Chow believes it is also very important to recognize the contribution of the Coaches of the 12 teams of the SJHL at the meetings. The coaches are the faces of our league,” Chow states. Without them and their ideas the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League would not be one of the best Junior A leagues in Canada.”

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If you haven't seen the new rink in Estevan, you are in for a treat.