Saturday, June 18, 2011

Random Weekend Thoughts

-- As much as we have yelled and cursed and screamed at Mother Nature over the past few months, we have to thank her for allowing 98 percent of the football game to be played without rain falling. We can deal with the wind, but the rain we had yesterday until about 6 would have been a little too much.

--Those that came to the game and were loud and proud should be saluted. With the game on TSN. there really wasn't much of a reason to come out and cheer the Riders on because of the weather and the fact it was an exhibition game.

--I wonder how many Canucks fans turned the TV on to the Boston affiliates this morning only to see the Stanley Cup parade.

--After seeing him implode at the Masters, I am not conceding the US Open to Rory McIlroy.

--What does Hockey Canada have against Pats forward Jordan Weal. I thought he would get an invite to the national junior camp. Is there something there that we're not seeing.

--Plans went awry, but I was supposed to be at Wrigley Field this weekend watching the Cubs and Yankees. Three guesses as to what I'll be doing this afternoon at 2 and Sunday night at 6 as those games are on FOX and TSN2.  Yes, that picture of me in the Bartman seat and that Ryne Sandberg jersey at Wrigleyville Sports that has my name on it will have to wait until next year. SIGHHHH!!!

--Who was the best TV dad of all time? Is it Al Bundy, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Steven Keaton, Bill Cosby, Ward Cleaver or Archie Bunker. I'm sure I've forgotten someone. Remember Dad tomorrow.

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