Monday, June 20, 2011

Rider Report

The Riders were back out on the practice field for just one practice today. Many more vets will play Wednesday in BC including Darian Durant. Several regulars were not practicing today though--they included Weston Dressler, Cary Koch, Brent Hawkins and Jerrell Freeman. With the exception of Hawkins, I don't think there is a lot to worry about. Here was Coach Marshall after the proceedings were done......

MarshallJune20 by mitchellblair


DAY 16

The following is the Day 16 report from the 2011 Roughrider Training Camp.


SUSPEND IMP DB Courtney Bryan

ADD NON-IMP K/P Tomas Silva


FB Graeme Bell (calf) day to day

OL Dan Clark (knee) day to day

WR Obed Cetoute (hamstring) day to day

WR Weston Dressler (groin) day to day

LB Jerrell Freeman (upper body) day to day

DE Brent Hawkins (shoulder) week to week

WR Cary Koch (knee) day to day

DL R.J. Roberts (knee) week to week


The most entertaining portion of today’s practice session came at the conclusion when a group of players decided to test their ball catching and balancing skills by seeing how many footballs they could catch and hold on to as they were fired by the jugs machine. In the end it was defensive back Eddie Russ who managed to catch and hold on to five footballs.

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Anonymous said...

Are these injuries legit or are some "vet days" being taken here.