Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fess Up And Cash In

Free beer is always an enticing offer, so Boston Bruins defenceman Andrew Ference wouldn’t be surprised if one — or more — of his teammates admits to being a fan of Amstel Light.

Fessing up to drinking the light beer could be worthwhile, it turns out.

The Bruins’ bar tab of more than $156,000 US at MGM-Foxwoods Casino following their Stanley Cup victory drew plenty of attention, but none more so than the one Amstel Light that was on the receipt at the end of the night.

Now the brewery is offering free beer for a Canada Day barbecue or Independence Day party. Or the free beer can be had during the player’s day with the Stanley Cup for the Bruin who admits he was the one that ordered the Amstel Light.

“We want to reward the Bruin who ordered the Amstel Light to recognize him for making a great decision,” the company wrote to Bruins players Shawn Thornton, Shane Hnidy and the rest of the team.

In addition to wine, champagne and other liquor, the tab included 136 Bud Lights, two Coors Light, one Corona and one Heineken Light, along with the Amstel Light.

Ference said the brewery’s offer would be enough for a player to come forward.

“Yes, this is sufficient enough, considering how hard it is to wrestle $50 off some guys for a Masters pool,” Ference told Postmedia News on Tuesday. “Free anything works in most locker-rooms.”

In fact, Ference said he wouldn’t be surprised if more than one player took responsibility, seeing an opportunity to stock his fridge for the holiday.

“All of the young guys who will most likely need a solid supply at their parties,” Ference said.

Ference believes he knows the identity of the Amstel fan.

“My guess is (Brad) Marchand,” Ference said. “He had been spraying champagne all over himself all night and probably just wanted something that tasted a little better.”

One player Ference immediately eliminate from suspension was captain Zdeno Chara, the team’s 6-8 defenceman.

“Chara only drank from the Cup all night,” Ference said. “It is a perfect sized goblet for him, I will vouch for that."

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