Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Riders Don't Need Terrelle Pryor

Knowing the gig is up, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is not going to play his senior season amidst scandal that he helped create. With the NFL not being an option right now, Pryor's agent has indicated the CFL could be an option. The team that holds Pryor's rights are the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The team has apparently already made some calls to see if there is any interest in Pryor coming north of the border. I ask why?

There is no doubt Pryor could be a great CFL quarterback. However, do you really think Terrelle Pryor wants to play in the CFL. If the NFL lockout ended tomorrow, Pryor would snub his nose at the CFL knowing he could get a gig in the NFL as at worst likely a backup---a backup that would pay a lot more than he could get in the CFL.

Getting Terrelle Pryor would be a mistake. He would have to learn the Canadian game. He would surely ask for a one year contract so that he could leap to the NFL as soon as the opportunity came up. I also think he would set back the development of Darian Durant. We all know Durant can play this game and we all know that he is going to keep getting better and better. Head Coach Greg Marshall has said we haven't even come close to seeing the ceiling when it comes to Darian's game. How would bringing in a high profile quarterback like Pryor help Durant's development? It wouldn't. It would also affect the development of the other quarterbacks on the Saskatchewan roster.

Highly touted division one quarterbacks like Graham Harrell and Todd Reesing came to Canada because no one in the NFL wanted them. While both came to Canada with impressive credentials, both failed to become a starter here. In Reesing's case, he didn't even get into a game. If Pryor has the arm strength, he has the qualities needed to be a CFL quarterback, but as I said, he has no desire to play the game here and would be headed back to the NFL the first chance he got. It would be a waste of time and all it would give Pryor are some $$$$ that he can't get in the US right now.

I see more negatives to this story than positives. In fact, I'm struggling to find positives with the exception that the Riders would garner yet more publicity, but publicity they might not want.

The Riders have their quarterback and they don't need another one---even someone with the marquee value of Terrelle Pryor. Bring him to Canada if you want, but trade him to Toronto or Montreal and let them deal with him.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure Darian Durant is going to progress as imagined. He looked better two years ago under Paul LaPolice's guidance than he did last year with Doug Berry calling the shots. When Lapo fails as Winnipeg's Head Coach I hope they bring him back like they did with Richie Hall and give Berry the same job they tried to give to Gary Etchevary. Then hopefully Berry follows Etch out the door and Darian can continue his developement.


canuck1 said...

We finally agree Mitch! Trade his rights for some help/insurance on either line.

Anonymous said...

PFFFT! Like Pryor's agent will ever allow his client to come to Canada. He will go to the UFL.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else tired of the moaning from the Berry haters? Even if Durant throws for more than 6000 yards this year instead of his 5000 last, they will likely not desist.

Anonymous said...

He may have "looked" better two years ago, but was most effective last season. He was better in Completions, Comp %, Yards, TDs, Rush yards, and Rush TDs. All the while he had 1 more INT, an overall number we all agree needs to come down.

IMO, he is three years into his career as a starter but is one Grey Cup win away from being in the Lancaster and Austin argument as the best QBs in Rider history.

The guy is a flat out stud!