Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Cuts Are....

The following players have been released:

IMP QB Chris Leak

NIP WR Kolten Solomon

IMP WR Dominic Bolden

IMP WR Patrick Brown

IMP WR Mark Jones

IMP WR Jamal Smith

NIP DL Mathieu Boulay

NIP DL Zack Evans

NIP DL Ryan Lucas

IMP DL Calvin Fance

IMP DL Rod Wright

NIP LB Peter Thiel

IMP LB Byron Bullock
IMP LB Chris Graham

IMP DB Eddie Russ

IMP DB Jeremiah Weatherspoon

NIP DB Ludovic Kashindi

NIP DB Graig Newman

NIP DB Daryl Townsend
NIP OL Dan Clark

NIP OL Justin Glover

IMP OL Devin Tyler
NIP RB Kyle Exume

NIP K/P Tomas Silva

NIP LS Jocelyn Frenette

The following players have been added to the nine game injured list:

IMP DL Brent Hawkins
IMP WR Aaron Fairooz
NIP K/P Luca Congi
NIP DB Leron Mitchell
NIP WR Rob Bagg

The following players have been added to the injured list:

NIP WR Obed Cetoute
NIP OL Nick Hutchins
IMP RB Brandon West

The following players have been moved to the inactive list:

IMP DB Chris McKenzie
IMP DB Courtney Bryan

Remember that this list does not include practice roster players so some that have been cut will not necessarily be leaving.

For the thoughts of Brendan Taman,

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Mike Stackhouse said...

I hope the Linebacker position is real good seeing the two guys they deem expendable.

Anonymous said...

To me the big surprises would be Byron Bullock and Chris Graham, but I think they'll be placed on the practice roster if they clear waivers.


Anonymous said...

Boy that NIP bugs the heck out of me. Why does the CFL not call them Canadians? Who are we worried about offending?

flatlander52 said...

Surprised about Chris Graham

Anonymous said...

Is there more to Bullock than what meets the eye? It sounds like it!

Anonymous said...

Listening to that piece of tape it sounds like Lucas is sticking around and Graham is sticking around. I'm OK with that.


Anonymous said...

I guess Bullock would have wrecked Richie's famous prevent defence by making too many tackles.