Saturday, February 28, 2009

Big NFL Trade

Matt Cassel is no longer a Patriot. The man who took over once Tom Brady went down and had a great season for New England is off to Kansas City. Patriots defensive lineman Mike Vrabel is also Kansas City bound. All Kansas City gives up for Cassel and Vrabel is a 2nd round draft pick. Will Cassel be able to do in Kansas City what he did in New England?? He won't have the same type of talent to work with that's for sure.


Mike from Vita said...

Surprized the Patriots didn't send Brady into the sunset. He is older than Cassels.

Anonymous said...

A second rounder is a cheap price if Cassel works out. Vrabel has a season or two left in him as well. Good work from Pioli...the Chiefs might turn it around quickly like the Falcons did under Dimitroff last year.