Sunday, February 15, 2009

Goodbye JJ

I think Rider fans will always have a soft spot for James Johnson. The defensive back was the Grey Cup MVP on that magical Sunday at Toronto's Skydome when he intercepted three Ryan Dinwiddie passes to help the Riders win the 2007 CFL championship. In fact one could argue that his touchdown in the game was perhaps the turning point. I wonder how Winnipeg fans feel about Johnson. I guess we will find out because the Riders traded Johnson to the Bombers today. This frees up some cap space and could perhaps insure that either Mo Lloyd or Anton McKenzie are back when free agency opens up later tonight. I don't know about you but I thought Johnson regressed a little in 2008. He started the year great and then went downhill for one reason or another. I'm guessing as it stands now it means either Tad Kornegay or Denatay Heard will man one corner with Omarr Morgan at the other.

The Pittsburgh Penguins did something I think they should have done a long time ago today. They told coach Michel Therrien to hit the road. I've never been impressed by this guy and often thought the only reason he was where he was because of the talent around him. That talent has not been getting it done this year and Penguin brass decided it was time to let Therrien go. Dan Bylsma gets promoted from the minors to take over. Watch for Pat Quinn's name to get mentioned as the front-runner here.

Matt Kenseth wins the Daytona 500.

If you had Bills running back Marshawn Lynch in the "Who's the next NFL player to get in trouble with the law" pool then you are a winner. Here's that story...

And to end your Sunday with what I hope is a chuckle. One of the more outstanding sports satire websites is "Sportspickle". I howled when I saw this one....

Have a good Sunday night and/or Monday morning. Its been a week since I started doing this and I have received a lot of favourable feedback. I thank all of you for reading this and the kind words. There have been a lot of kind words expressed my way over the past month. You find out in rough times who your friends are and I have definitely found that out over the last few weeks. Many of you are also 100 percent correct with your assumptions.

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