Monday, February 16, 2009

Let The Shopping Begin

As the clock hit 11 o'clock Regina time last night, the phones started ringing and moves have been made as CFL free agency is now underway. The Riders have made one signing. As had been rumoured on many sites, Joe McGrath is now a member of the Green and White as another Saskatchewan born player joins the team. McGrath joins Scott Schultz as Moose Jaw born players suiting up for the team. If McGrath is anything like Schultzie, can Riderville handle two Moose Jaw players. We will see. Here's his bio from the Eskimos website....

McGrath's signing may have signalled the writing on the wall for Glenn January. After one season in Regina, he leaves to join the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

In what might be considered an ominous sign for fans hoping the team can keep both Mo Lloyd and Anton McKenzie, the Riders also made a trade with Toronto in which they send a late round draft pick to Toronto for Canadian born linebacker Aaron Wagner. At one point, the Argos had him pencilled in to be Mike O'Shea's replacement. Here's his bio from the Argos site....

Speaking of Lloyd and MacKenzie, there is no word on either of them yet. The same applies to Rob Murphy and Jesse Lumsden. I thought I would wake up this morning and find Lloyd and Murphy had new homes but that hasn't happened and maybe just maybe that is good news for Rider fans hoping Lloyd will stay in Regina. Sportsnet is reporting Lloyd turned down a 3 year deal that would have paid him 135-thousand a year and that he will end up in either BC or Edmonton. Its also reported McKenzie will do the same thing but something tells me he will end up continuing his career as a Rider.

One other non-related football item that caught my eye is Tiger Woods' good friend Mark O'Meara says Tiger is ready to get back on the course. He just doesn't know when Woods will do that. Can Tiger be better than he was when he left the game as some have suggested. I don't know he can but we'll soon find out.

I had to post this. Shaquille O'Neal has always been known to have a good time and he certainly did so before the NBA all-star game last night. A game in which he was named co-MVP with former teammate and it would appear to be former feuder Kobe Bryant. Take a look at his pre-game intro.....

Have a great holiday Monday!

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