Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Like many of you I'm sure, I was hoping to strike it big time courtesy of Lotto 6-49 but that won't be happening. Heres the story from

Saturday's massive Lotto 6-49 draw has produced four winners, an Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation spokesperson said Saturday.
OLGC spokesperson Teresa Roncon said three winning tickets were purchased in Ontario, including two in the Greater Toronto Area and another in Sudbury, Ont.
A fourth winning ticket was purchased in Quebec.
The winning numbers were 11, 20, 33, 34, 37 and 39. The bonus number was 22.
Each winner will be entitled to a $12,574,733 share of the $50.3 million prize, said Trevor Miller of the B.C. Lottery Corp.
While Miller said he did not yet know how many people had bought tickets in advance of the Saturday night draw, he said he "would imagine people would be eager to come in and claim their prize."
The winners have up to a year to claim their share of the jackpot.
The $50.3 million prize was the second-largest lottery jackpot in Canadian history.


I don't know if your Sunday plans involve taking in the Pats-Warriors game in Moose Jaw tonight but if you are headed to the Civic Centre, I ask one thing of you whether you support Regina or Moose Jaw. Band together tonight and unify by wearing white. It is White Out Night in support of the Multiplex in Moose Jaw. The first 2-thousand fans will get a white T-shirt indicating their support of the project---one that is needed if the Warriors are to stay in Moose Jaw. No Multiplex means no Warriors and as a Pats fan and a Western Hockey League fan, I want the Warriors to thrive and survive. Of course a Regina win would be nice tonight as well especially after Moose Jaw did them a favour by beating Prince Albert. Edmonton got a point in a shootout loss to Prince George meaning the Oil Kings have the 8th and final playoff spot right now with 59 points, the Raiders have 58 with Regina sitting at 54. Game time is 7.


Rebecca McPhee and her Prince Edward Island rink along with Quebec's Marie France Larouche are atop the leaderboard at the Scotties in Victoria after both rinks won their two games on the opening day of competition. Stefanie Lawton and her Saskatoon foursome are back on the ice this morning meeting Ontario's Krista McCarville. Lawton is 0-1 after giving up a steal of two in the 10th end losing to BC. She will play Newfoundland's Heather Strong tonight. By the way if you are watching morning coverage from the Scotties, you will see a new face on the TSN broadcasts. Bryan Mudryk and Russ Howard take over for Vic, Linda and Ray. Nothing against Bryan Mudryk but if I can't hear Vic then I want to hear Global Regina's Warren Woods.


Regina isn't the only CFL city talking about a new stadium. Discussions are also going on in Hamilton.

Hamilton at the crossroads
Hamilton Spectator Sat 21 Feb 2009
Byline: Robert Howard Source: The Hamilton Spectator
Hamilton needs -- and deserves -- to be excited about itself, to be optimistic about its future and to be confident about its place as one of Canada's great places to live, work and play.
Full participation in the 2015 Pan American Games, and the infrastructure legacy it would leave here -- a multi-use stadium, Olympic-size pool and a velodrome -- would generate that. To have more than half the cost paid by senior levels of government is a huge bonus.
Hamilton is at a crossroads. In one direction is the city's past, epitomized by Ivor Wynne Stadium, a crumbling symbol of Hamilton's past greatness, such as the 1930 Empire Games for which it was built.
In the other direction is Hamilton's future, symbolized by a new stadium near Hamilton's west harbour, invigorating a neighbourhood and within strolling distance of the waterfront trails, GO and Via trains, Copps Coliseum and possibly a light-rail transit line. Here is a neon-bright signal that Hamilton lives in the here-and-now, engaged in the present and confident about the future.
* * *
Risk? Of course there's risk in investing $60 million in a stadium.
But risk exists in inertia more than in action. A child kept indoors all his or her life has little risk of being hit by a car, but heightened risk of becoming an antisocial, isolated adult.
If Hamilton council decides to "play it safe" and reject the stadium proposal and Games funding for it, it risks this city's future. It would send a message that Hamilton is not interested in boldness or initiative. It would hang a "Closed" sign on our front door.
There is no doubt that Hamilton needs to spend a lot of money on its streets and sewage system. But the stadium project will take less than 60 per cent of the assets of Hamilton's Future Fund. There will be more than $40 million still in the fund by 2015 that council can allocate as it sees fit. And the stadium project would be a wonderfully suitable use of the big-project Future Fund money.
There are legitimate concerns about Hamilton's debt load. But the city's crushing financial issues will not be dealt with by doing the same thing over and over again -- as we've been doing since business and industry started leaving the city in the '70s -- and hoping for a different result. We need new money coming into this city.
Hamilton is not supporting itself on its current tax base. This city MUST attract new business and new residents. Investment in public infrastructure -- the stadium being an excellent example -- is crucial to that. The Pan-Am Games would give Hamilton a chance to show itself as a place different from its industrial-era stereotype, while the legacy of new athletic and entertainment facilities would give visitors another reason to consider Hamilton as a place to live or work.
The alternatives are unpalatable. What is "Plan B" for Ivor Wynne? The city's $20 million will just buy it some time; a rebuild will cost $94 million. How much money should taxpayers continue to sink into it?
* * *
The proposal going to Hamilton council on Monday has several key points that make it worthy of support.
One is the location. Development of the west harbour waterfront has already revolutionized how Hamiltonians view their city; thousands flock to the trails and parks. Locating a stadium where it can link to, but not overpower, the waterfront is inspired. The location would also replace derelict and empty space with a people magnet.
Another is the financing through phased construction: 15,000 seats for the 2015 Games, with the option of another 10,000 seats or so as funding is obtained. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a future prime tenant, so partnership with that organization for the second phase is almost a given. But just as this stadium is not only about the Ticats, so there are numerous other opportunities to fund and operate it. This can be a venue for music, festivals and a wide range of athletic events, and those -- and rights to them -- can all be revenue sources.
We believe the Pan-Am Games bid is a financial, social and infrastructure opportunity for Hamilton that may not be repeated in our lifetimes. To pass on full participation would be a huge mistake and a disservice to Hamilton and its citizens.

Like Hamilton, Regina is in desperate need of a new stadium and I do believe even though the economy is in a downturn right now that one is coming. The Leader-Post's Ian Hamilton(a fellow Seahawks fan which shows he's a good man!!!) is doing a big piece on that that started with Saturday's edition. It is must read material.


The Cougars mens basketball team will play Brandon in Game 3 of the GPAC final today in the Manitoba city. The Bobcats staying alive with an 89-70 win.
By the way if you haven't noticed yet, if you page down to the bottom of the blog you will find a sports scoreboard courtesy of CBS Sports. For Pro-line fans, it will give you NHL, NBA and US College Basketball scores. It would be great if a Canadian network could provide this service so I could get CFL and maybe WHL scores on there but there's not so I can't. Have a good Sunday and thanks for reading!! By the way, someone has been reading this blog from Danbury, Connecticut. Isn't that where Maurice Lloyd is from?? Mo if it indeed is you good luck in Edmonton but you should have stayed here.

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