Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here It is Guys--and Girls Too I Guess

C'mon who's kidding who. Any red blooded male always looks forward to the middle of February because the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue comes out. I still remember the issue with Cheryl Tiegs in her fishnet suit being taken away from me in elementary school when I took it out of the library. That issue was later found to be in the principal's office. I will not go any further. Anyways, here's the 2009 cover starting Bar Refaeli. I must admit I had no idea who this woman was until seeing the cover. I personally would have went with Brooklyn Decker.

Once again, Indy car driver Danica Patrick graces the pages of the issue. Here's one of the shots......

One other note. This is just strictly rumour at this point but I have heard the Riders have released receiver Michael Palmer. With Clermont, Fantuz, Getzlaf, Bagg, Grant and McKoy coming to camp with perhaps others, there simply wasn't room. Who's kidding who, the receiver position will be the most interesting one to watch at training camp because of all the guys who were here last year and have returned. When does training camp begin anyhow. Its a long time until June. SIGHHHHH!!!!

And with that I wish you either a good night or a good morning.

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