Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Story By Global

Global Television's Ross Neitz has a great story on Ring Road traffic and whether or not the speed limit should be reduced. I agree there are some idiots out there that think heading down the Ring Road is an exercise in getting from Point A to B in record time, but will reducing the speed limit stop these speed demons. Not unless some of Regina's finest are constantly patrolling. Here's the link to the story......

With the long weekend now upon us, if you are heading out this weekend do take care and keep it between the lines. No time of year is a good time for an accident or a breakdown.

I also saw this story this afternoon which is a little unsettling if you are a Canadian MMA fan....

I know I asked this question when working for my previous employer. Could the UFC come to the Brandt Centre or Credit Union Centre. I know at this time they can't go into Ontario and I know there have been mixed martial arts fights in Saskatchewan so if Dana White wanted to, could he bring something here?? Perhaps the man who has been labelled "Saskatchewan's Sexiest Blogger" can answer that seeing my good friend Tyler McMurchy is an MMA fan who reads this blog. By the way if he has already been proclaimed as being Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger (you can see that yourself as his blog is linked to mine) and Rod Pedersen has Canada's number one sporting blog what does that leave me with. Do I really want to know the answer to that. One other thing, my good friend Chris Garton (otherwise known as Chris Szarka's manservant and poolboy) has asked the question if this blog should be named "The Blair Mitch project". I thought about that but went with "The Blair Necessities" instead. I wanted a Saturday night show that I did at my former employer to be named that but ---ah never mind its too easy and I'm in too good of a mood.

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Tyler said...

Two problems. One, our market is too small and I don't think even Saskatoon's arena would be big enough, at least not for a pay-per-view. However, 6 of the 10 per capita top markets in terms of pay-per-view buys are Canadian cities, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that Calgary or some place like that would get an event. However, from what Dana White has said, it looks like Ontario is next on his list, after a push by the UFC to get MMA legalized there, and they haven't started that yet, since they're concentrating on New York first.

The second problem is the issue of athletic commission oversight. The UFC will only go to US states where the sport of MMA is regulated by an athletic commission, though they do go to England where they Do we have a boxing commission here in Saskatchewan?