Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre Could Be a Rider?????

I was in my car listening to "The Dan Patrick Show" this morning when word that Brett Favre is retiring(like we haven't heard this before) came down. Dan proceeded to read a column from CNNSI's Peter King in which the Saskatchewan Roughriders are mentioned. Yes, Peter King says (with tongue firmly in cheek I might add)Favre might come north of the border. Does Jim Hopson know about this?? When is the press conference?? What number will Darian Durant now have to wear and what will Brett give him to get it. Favre to Fantuz---imagine it!!!! Here's the story....

By the way in the wake of today's announcement from Favre, you should also know the sky is blue, water is wet and there is a chance that it could be bitterly cold in Saskatchewan in January.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, but it's kind of creepy that when a fellow googles "Blair Necessities", this is the first thing that comes up:

I always thought Mitch was a Tootie man. Or maybe Mrs. Garrett.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, whoever is behind that other blog really doesn't like the actress who played Blair on "The Facts of Life."

I can't really think of too many faded sitcom stars that I hate so much that I'd devote my time to blog-mocking them.

When it comes to Favre: With the team's recent luck that he would just horrifically break his leg in the Riders' second regular season game.

Anonymous said...

Mitchy -

Brett Favre needs to realize he ain't Michael Jordan. Only His Airness can retire, then come back, then retire again.

Brett FAVVVV-VRAY (as I call him in jest) needs to siddown somewhere.

That is all.

Sista Q