Friday, February 20, 2009

Firing Back

Regina hockey fans are upset with the play of the Pats and for good reason. The talent they have combined with the wins they have just don't equal up. For defenceman Colton Teubert, he has gone from a World Junior gold medallist and hero to a whipping boy. The L-A Kings draft pick has not had a good time of it in a Pats uniform since returning from Ottawa and Pats fans are letting him know about it. Teubert fires back today in an article done by the Leader-Post's Greg Harder. I'm not sure if getting into a pissing match with the fans through the media is the right step to take for the 18 year old as it only opens him up for more criticism but he is getting things off his chest and is not resorting to cliches.

Teubert knows he is struggling right now. He knows it, the Pats know it, the L-A Kings know it. When Colton is on, he reminds me of Chris Pronger. He is a clone of the Anaheim defenceman in my mind. In fact in the Pats calendar, I refer to him as Chris Pronger Junior. I think Teubert's problem right now is he feels he has to do it all because he is a first rounder. He just has to get back to playing his game and let Victor Bartley, Jesse Dudas, Matt Delahey and the other blueliners do their job.

As for the fans, when they pay their money they do have every right to voice some complaints. However lets remember these kids and I emphasize the word kids are not professionals like the guys across the street that take up our sporting attention in the summer time. I don't care if you are an NHL first rounder or a 16 year old in his rookie season, you are still learning the game hoping you get good enough to get a shot. I have a very tough time ripping a guy who isn't getting any serious $$$$$. Teubert knows if his play continues that he won't playing for the Kings or any other NHL team and that he won't get a shot at playing for Canada in the World Juniors next year. I don't know if the Pats can shake themselves out of whats been bothering them but I fully expect Teubert to get back to his game and try and lead them out of the wilderness. I know Pats fans are upset but being extra abusive to one of the "star" players isn't going to help any.

The Riders have made some news today. They have announced former CFL defensive back Kavis Reed will be their special teams coach and they have also announced the time of the Labour Day Classic will be at 200 and not 530. This is good, It means the vermin from Winnipeg that invade our city each and every Labour Day will get out sooner with their tails tucked between their legs------yet again!!!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch,

I think you shall check your records with regards to Teubert not getting paid. The kid received an $80k signing bonus this year and $750,000 contract.

Teubert's problem isn't try to do it all himself. It's his attitude towards Dudas that got his nose out of joint when he returned. Proove me wrong guys and put those two on a line... you have yet to see it, why? because Colton won't even pass the puck to Dudas.

Anyone that even receives $80k as an 18 year has expectations.