Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let The Hype Begin

We are just one year away from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It means another 364 days of hearing those kids say "I believe" and now the hype it would seem is in full swing. This morning's Leader-Post sports section had its first four pages devoted to Olympic coverage and I believe TSN is going to be doing a series of nightly specials on the lead-up to the event. Is it just me or are these games starting to remind one of Montreal in 1976 when it comes to the "extra" money that is needed. While I'm sure Vancouver will do an excellent job, it would seem as if one too many problems have come up in the planning stages. Who's kidding who...if Canadian athletes come through the way many expect them to, everything will be fine. The pressure on those representing Canada will be immense and if you are a medal contender you will be expected to stand on the podium. No team will be under greater scrutiny though then the mens hockey team. Dare I say it, if they don't win gold, Canadians from coast to coast may say the Olympics were a disaster even if our athletes medal in other sports like skiing and speed skating.

I told you about the look on Brent Parker's face after last night's loss by the Pats to Swift Current. One that makes their playoff chances look even more difficult. My good friend Rob Vanstone spoke with Parker right after the game and he spills his guts out on what has been a very frustrating season.

The biggest event in the high school basketball calendar has hit as the prestigious Luther Invitational Tournament begins today. Teams from Winnipeg, Cardston, Alberta, Raymond, Alberta and Saskatoon are here to challenge the host team along with Regina schools Riffel and Campbell. This is one of the big events on Regina's sports calendar every year and the L-P along with both TV stations in town do a great job of covering the event.

Time to get my daughter off to school. Its the day they hand out Valentines to classmates so she's a little excited to get going. Talk to you later.

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