Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He'll Hate Me For This But Whatever

If you didn't hear the news out of Edmonton last week, the long-time voice of the Edmonton Eskimos is headed into his last year of calling games. After decades of calling games for the green and gold, Bryan Hall announced this year would be his last. It has already generated a lot of talk in the Alberta capital as to who his replacement should be with some names already being thrown out there. One name that hasn't been thrown out there that should be is the legendary Dale Isaac. As many of you know I had the honour of working with Dale for several years at my previous employer and I learned more from him in an afternoon than the so-called programming geniuses that think they know it all. Dale is the definition of professional and anyone criticizing what he did on a day to day basis simply doesn't have a clue. Those who remember when he did CFL games on CTV knows the type of play-by-play man he is and several years ago when Rawlco tried to pry the rights from Harvard, Dale did a dummy broadcast with former Rider Dave Ridgway that I got the chance to listen to one day. It was simply outstanding!!! I bring this up because Dale currently resides in Edmonton where he is enjoying retirement. I'm sure when he sees this he will send me an e-mail "politely" stating he has no desire to jump back into the business but I think I speak for many when I say it would be great to hear Dale doing football again--even if it was for the Eskimos.

The NHL world is all abuzz over tonight's game in Boston between the Bruins and the Sharks. Many think this will be a Stanley Cup preview as these are the teams leading their respective conferences. Boston is head and shoulders the best team in the East right now but the West is way too tough to anoint the Sharks as favourites. Detroit, Calgary and Dallas also have to be thrown in that mix. I haven't decided yet if Chicago should be but I know in the next couple of years as guys like Toews and Kane mature that they will be.

While the NHL world is abuzz over the Sharks-Bruins game, the rest of the sports world is consumed by Alex Rodriguez's confession that he used steroids. The afternoon 'SportsCentre" basically dominated its half hour yesterday to the interview A-Rod did with Peter Gammons. I'm guessing guys like Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome are ALL OVER this today as well they should. Its going to be interesting to see what happens to A-Rod and how he is treated both at home and on the road this year.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says he played the Super Bowl with two broken ribs and the Steelers say they knew nothing about this. C'mon!! The season is over. The truth can come out now. This wouldn't be a case of Roethlisberger playing "drama queen" to make his legacy a little greater would it????

Anthony Calvillo will announce he is coming back to the Alouettes today. I wonder if that would have been the case had Montreal won the Grey Cup last year. As you know many believed an Alouette win would have meant the end for A-C. I would think 2009 will be it for him though so Jim Popp and Marc Trestman might want to find someone who can step into his shoes that has some CFL experience or can get some this year. Maybe a Steven Jyles????? How about a Drew Tate??????.

I wonder what is going on with soon to be free agent linebacker Anton McKenzie. It sounded yesterday in listening to Ken Miller(go to to hear his comments) that Anton had verbally accepted a deal but reneged on that when he saw the paperwork. I think he'll be back and it sounds like Sean Lucas will be too. I still think Mo Lloyd will be calling BC or Edmonton home though. Guess will find out soon on that.

That's all for now. I gotta search those help wanted ads. Have a great Tuesday!!! Hope your enjoying what you're reading.

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-_- said...

Mitchy - great blog.

I went to the Lakers vs. Raptors game on Feb 4. It was crazy. Half the crowd was cheering for Kobe...AT THE ACC. It was so sad. I was sitting three rows from courtside...Kobe was good even though I can't stand his ass.

I don't like the Steelers either but it's Steeler nation in my household. Barf.

And the rest I'll leave up to you, as I still hate the NHL.

Good work.