Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do The Right Thing Guys

Its Valentines Day. A day in which we should spoil the sweetheart in our lives. That being said, how I did spend Valentines Day morning.....getting groceries at Superstore. Isn't that romantic??? I don't know what you are getting the lady in your life today but two things I would not recommend(and this is not from personal experience) are A) a membership to the gym because nothing says Hey Honey I think you need to shed a few pounds by doing this and B) offering to pay for breast enhancement surgery because that says Hey Honey, I don't like the current parts you possess. Again...I'm just sayin!!!!!

In all seriousness, I know I don't do a good job of spoiling my wife Tracey on a day to day basis and she has had to do quite a lot of running around and other things by herself thanks to my media days but she somehow finds a way to do it without a lot of bitching and complaining. She doesn't yell at me when I go out (she saves that for when I stay in) and without her I really don't know what the last many years would have been like. I can truly say I don't deserve someone like her and I don't ever want to think about the future without her in it. I think many of you reading this can likely say the same thing about that special lady in your life.

Getting to the Friday that was and was it really a surprise to hear Matt Dominguez has been released by the Riders. The ever-classy Dominguez makes it sound as if he expected this to happen and that he will likely be back with the Riders at a reduced salary in 2009. I wonder if there are any other high priced vets that will have to be released before being resigned. If Dominguez is healthy, he is one of the best in the CFL but the big word is if. He has had many injuries to deal with and many of us thought his last one suffered in Calgary would be his last period. I and many Rider fans hope Dominguez can get through the upcoming season without a serious setback to one of those knees--or any other part of his body.

The Pats lose again---this time by a score of 4-2 in Moose Jaw. You just can't lose to teams below you in the standings when you are fighting for a playoff spot. It doesn't get any easier tonight as the number 2 team in Canada--the Calgary Hitmen come for a visit. I'm starting to think with Regina now four back of that 8th and final playoff spot in the East that the Brandt Centre might sit empty come playoff time. The time for excuses has long gone past. If this squad--that does have talent--truly think they can be in the playoffs then start playing like it. If they have quit on this season than coach Dale Derkatch and GM Brent Parker will have some easy decisions in the off-season when it comes to next years personnel.

If the Cougar mens basketball team wants to go to Brandon for the GPAC final, they will have to win on their home floor tonight. Winnipeg stayed alive in its best of 3 series with James Hillis's crew with a 93-76 win. If it weren't for Valentines Day, this is where I would likely spend my Saturday because it should be a great game. Here's hoping the CKHS has a good crowd in there cheering for the green and gold.

I also see today where the Canadian Long Track Speedskating Championships are happening this weekend in Regina. I had no idea this event was coming here. Was there a press conference to announce this back when I was with my former employer. If so, I didn't get the release. Saskatchewan is of course home to perhaps one of the greatest speedskaters in Canadian history---that being Catriona Lemay Doan. You also have Regina's Justin Warzylewicz who will likely compete in Vancouver and another Regina product named Lucas Makowsky(is he related to Gene??) who is making some noise and it looks like Saskatchewan will still be well represented on the Canadian and global scene for years to come.

Some NHL news...Marty Brodeur is back practicing with the Devils. I thought this team would be floating face down in the water by now without arguably the worlds best goalie (something my best friend and big Devils fan would dispute) but they have found a way to survive in the East and with Brodeur being well rested this time, I might not want to count New Jersey out come playoff time.

Hank Aaron has also said Barry Bonds should remain the home run king even though some of it was done with him on performance enhancers. This after commissioner Bud Selig says he is considering re-establishing Aaron as the top home run hitter of all time. Classy move by Aaron in my books. Speaking of which, catchers and pitchers report today as spring training is about to get started. This means I will soon be getting myself inundated into fantasy baseball again......OY!!! I am a fantasy sportsaholic!!!

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Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day is a plot by the man to make married people depressed (by spending so much money) and single people depressed (by not having anyone to spend so much money on).

And we both know my feelings on The Man *shakes fist*

Dominguez - I met him when I was at The Station We Once Worked For. Nice guy.

That's all I have to say.

Sista Q.