Friday, February 13, 2009

Rider News

Some good news for the Riders on Friday the 13th. First off, Sean Lucas has re-signed with the club meaning you can scratch his name off potential free-agents. This means the Riders have one of their three starting linebackers back under contract. It would appear as if Anton McKenzie will likely be back while Mo Lloyd is another story. It was also announced today head coach Ken Miller is a finalist for 2008 coach of the year. Miller is going up against Montreal's Marc Trestman and Calgary's John Hufnagel. Hufnagel has to be the favourite for doing what Kent Austin did in 07--that is take a team to the championship in his first year but really when you look at everything how can you not vote for Miller. Yes I know I should write this bit in green but when you take a look at what Miller did under the circumstances he had to deal with on a weekly basis he in my mind is the CFL's top coach in 08.

Elsewhere, CFL loudmouth Sandro De Angelis looks like he'll be staying in Calgary. The man who embarassed himself at the Grey Cup for his why not me because I'm the best attitude that he took both before and after the game apparently isn't getting any interest from the NFL. Here's that story....

Whats the matter Sandro??? You are the best kicker in the world(at least according to you) but I guess no one in the NFL wants to even bother with your act. That's really too bad!! Guess you are not as good as you think you are are you??? Do us all a favour now and just shut up and kick!

I also didn't see this morning but Regina's Reuben Ross(or is it Pilot Butte's) continues to make a name for himself on the Canadian diving scene.

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