Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The CFL in Moncton???

It would appear as if talk to have some CFL games in the Maritimes are heating up again. I'm all for it. I wonder if Moncton would be ready for a green invasion. Then again, I wonder if the Rider Nation would be ready for the Maritimes. Yeah you're right...the Rider Nation is ready for a roadtrip anywhere. Here's the link to the story...

By the way if you are a Steelers fan or if you know a Steelers fan(sadly I know too many of those), tell them to visit this link for something they might want......if they have the $$$$$.


Tyler said...

Mitch, check your e-mail for a tip on coding. Oh, and I think a CFL franchise in Atlantic Canada is long overdue. It will be a crime if they put a franchise in the US before Atlantic Canada.

Mitchell Blair said...

Thanks Tyler. I think I've got it right now.