Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Much More Can Baseball Take???

Major League Baseball is taking a beating this week thanks to one current New York star and one former one. You all know about Alex Rodriguez by now but did you hear about the book former Met Darryl Strawberry has had published. Its a tell-all about his days and "nights" with the Mets.

While on the topic of Rodriguez, how is it Bud Selig can stand up and say Alex Rodriguez shamed the game when you look at what he has done during his tenure as commissioner. Bud is the worst commish out of the major four sports and to talk about suspending A-Rod when there are 103 others guilty of being on performance-enhancers whose names were not released is simply ludicrous. I don't have a problem with suspending A-Rod but when there are other names out there that remain a mystery, they should be named before any penalties are assessed. Otherwise it just looks like a witch-hunt.

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